Review of Doom for the Nintendo Switch
By: Xilera

Did you know that people on the internet constantly attempt to cross platform devices to run the original DOOM. We've seen these coders and programmers create ports for iPads, tablets and even, commercial devices and nowadays any modern device can be jail-broke to play the 1993 classic—also the the remake from last year (while it takes more power to play it).

For those of you who have a Nintendo Switch and once you sit down and get this bad boy going, you'll notice a few things right away. The frame rate is around 30 frames per second (there are 60 fps versions out there), and the resolution is a bit on the low side—sorry no 4K here—the best out there being offered is only 720p, but that may be asking for too much from this game.

With texture noticeably mucky as you travel about during game play and although the motion blur is an attempt to cover weak and crummy graphics, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

With the low level quality in the graphics department becomes evident when playing on a big screen television while your switch is docked; but this is understandable since that's what you get in the transition from handheld system to TV.

But, if you can move passed everything previously mentioned flaws DOOM still offers fantastic single-player adventures that came to the other consoles that was offered up to the public last year.

Through technical limitations of the Nintendo Switch's version of DOOM is quite possibly the worst way to experience this fun and memorable reboot. Despite the games unattractive package, but the opportunity to play such a commanding game on the go is the main key to pick up a copy for your Nintendo Switch.

With that said, I give DOOM two and a half stars!