Review of The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
By: Samantha Van Zetten, B.A, RMT

It would appear the curse of the sequel may finally have been broken, as Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy team has produced another hit in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Full of action-packed fight scenes, diverse and intriguing characters this feature continues the saga in the best ways possible. It has comedy gold threaded through the conversations between characters, and throw away laughs that you might not catch the first time you watch it; following through and developing the characters further, introducing new cast for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, and making some solid 1990s kid jokes along the way- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is definitely a movie to see as soon as possible, which as it is now streaming on Netflix will be easy!

Not only was the soundtrack on par with the first movie, it showcased some lesser known pop tunes which will be running on loop in your mind for the next week, and allowed you to see a little deeper into their world. The characters delve into their pasts, sharing memories and motivations that help you to see the heroics in the 'bad guys' from the first movie. The unspoken flirtation between Starlord and Gamora is tested, Rocket learns to be less of an a-hole and Drax continues to take everything literally. The continuation of running gags from one movie to the next like baby groot freezing when Drax looks at him, lends to a familiar feel right from the opening scenes.

Unlike other franchises where they get a great response from the first movie and try too hard to push the gimmick on the sequel, Guardians Vol 2 just feels like a continuation of the first story a bit on from where we left our anti-heros. The characters appear to have had some time to grow on each other, but it doesn't feel like the writers were trying too hard to follow-up on the success of the first movie. Instead the movie is peppered with easter eggs to other Marvel Universes, beginnings of crossovers for the aforementioned Infinity War movie coming out in 2018, and pop culture references like when Quill refers to Rocket as a 'trash panda' after he got angry when he was called a racoon.

This adventure for the Guardians includes Quill meeting his biological father- the celestial ancestry mentioned at the end of the first move - Ego, played by the enigmatic Kurt Russell, and a background on why Yondu picked up Quill in the first place. Several big names came together in this next movie including Sylvester Stallone, Howard Duck and the ever-present cameo from Stan Lee.

There is of course a moral to the story- beautiful and full of emotion, you notice parallels between characters and watch those characters grow and deepen. It leaves you wanting more with a promise to deliver soon! Don't forget to watch til the end of the credits–it is a Marvel movie after all.

I award Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 four out of five stars!