You Can't Kill Me
By: L. Alan Russo

An Army soldier laid and waited while the large cargo ship pulled into a seaside port of Constanta, Romania. Larry Redhill, a corporal in the United States Army of the Bravo Company 2-81st, originally trained as a tanker, sometime after, Redhill was recruited into the Black Ops division of the squad. Today, his mission was to intercept cargo from a ship that headed from New York. Intel believed that the cargo was cocaine which was smuggled through the U.S., from Mexico and was now headed to Romania. "Handler to Seaworld, the shark is exiting the aquarium, over," Redhill said softly into the tiny microphone attached to his ear.

Copy that, Handler. Proceed with caution, over.

"Copy that, Seaworld. Handler out," Redhill responded as he moved toward the ship. Once he was in position, the corporal saw the workers, as they unloaded large wooden freights from the enormous vessel.

"This can't possibly all be blow," Redhill said to himself. "It'd most likely be stored where no one would consider loo—"

The corporal paused as he watched six large men walked from the ship, each men gripped a long metallic bar attached to each side of a Victorian style casket. There were three men on each side, of the metal container. Redhill moved in closer to examine the scene more closely, was he found was odd was that the men which carried the coffin, were dressed in normal attire. If it were a fallen warrior, the men would have worn their service blues, or if it was a private company delivering a person home after they passed away, they would be dressed in a suit and tie.

Redhill felt his mouth involuntary form into a smile.

"No one would consider looking in," Redhill said, through his big smile. "Handler to Seaworld, the shark has been located, over?"

Copy that Handler. What is the shark being transported in, over.

Redhill quietly snickered to himself.

"A coffin, over.�

There was a long pause which came from Redhill's headset.

"A coffin, over," Redhill said again.

Copy that, Handler. Please standby for farther instructions, over.

"Copy that, Seaworld," Redhill replied, while a wave of uneasiness cascaded over him. The corporal had never experienced a standby situation, he had heard of them from others in military wise tales that an unexpected situation had arisen, then a soldier was placed on standby which usually ended with the man racing to escape death and to freedom.

Seaworld to Handler, over.

"Go a head, Seaworld."

HQ says proceed with mission, over.

"Copy that, Seaworld. Is there a problem that I should be aware of, over," Redhill said as he watched the men approached toward his direction.

Negative, Handler...but, advance with caution, over.

"Copy, tha—," Redhill attempted to say, but was interrupted as a pair of two large hands wrapped around his face. He dropped his weapon and attempted to pull the hands away from his face, but the person was too strong and the grip around his head did not budge.

Handler, we received interference in your last transmission, over.

Redhill head was engulfed with the large hands to respond; he tried not to panic as he felt the oxygen around him cease to exist. The corporal blindly reached for his Kabar and grabbed it at its hilt. Without thought he plunged the metal blade into the man's brooding chest.

In return, the man clinched harder around Redhill's head.

Seaworld to Handler, have you engaged the shark's trainers, over? I repeat, have you engaged the shark's trainers, over? Handler, do you copy?

Redhill gasped for air, and became frantic as he felt his life begin to slowly escape his body. Originally, he did not want to use his handgun because it would draw unwanted attention to himself, but now, he had no other options available to him.

Redhill took his hands away from the large hands that were tightly wrapped around his head and felt his way under the assailant�s large chin and begin to push in an upward motion. With his other hand, he reached for his sidearm that was strapped to his leg. Once he had his fingers around the butt of the weapon, Redhill brought the gun up to where his other hand was and fired one shot underneath the man's head.

The large hands fell lifelessly away from Redhill's head, and allowed him to take in a deep breath. The corporal was allow a few moments as he saw a group of crewmen as they ran toward his direction. Redhill turned to make a run for it, but was unable to move due to the sight of the huge man, who lied dead in front of him.

The man must have stood seven feet tall and large muscles lined his body, but what caused him to stop dead in his tracks was the enormous fangs that protruded from his mouth. Redhill's eyes traveled up the dead-man�s face and noticed a elongated nose and bat-like ears.

"What the hell," Redhill stammered. "Handler to Seaworld, over?"

Copy Handler, what's your position, over?

"What the hell are these people?"

Please clarify your question, Handler, over?

"I don't think I can put it any simpler! These people have friggin vampire fangs," Redhill said while he watched the group of people coming closer. "Ah shit! They're flying!"


Redhill did not reply right away, his was struck by amazement and fright, as he watched the crewmen ascend into the air and moved toward him.

"Yeah, you know—flying!"

The corporal knew that the crewmen were close, as he heard their growls.

Command is telling me to have you to engage the trainers. Do not run! I repeat, do not try to out run the trainers, you must engage them, over.

"Trainers? Their vampires, these are not the common enemy!"

Redhill watched as the creatures landed a few feet in front of him, he grabbed up his weapon off the ground and begin to open fire. At first, they dropped lifelessly to the ground with a single shot, but within moments they reanimated to life and continued their way toward the corporal.

"Handler to Seaworld, how do you kill these things," Redhill questioned while he continued to fire off rounds at the creatures.


"Handler to Seaworld, I repeat, how do you kill these things?!�


"No! No! No! They cut radio contact," the corporal said to himself. Redhill stopped shooting for a moment and surveyed the area, his eyes fell upon the casket. There was still a group of creatures which appeared to be protecting it. "All right, so if I'm going out then I'm taking your shit with me!"

Redhill charged toward the group of men which surrounded the coffin, he pulled out two handguns one in each hand. The corporal fired single round shots that impacted into the skulls of each man, they crumbled to the ground, but to Redhill's surprise the gunshot victims became reanimated in only a few moments.

"What in the name of God?"

The reanimated creatures charged toward Redhill, who was monumentally frozen in disbelief as he watched the monsters while the ascended from the ground and were no long running and now, flew toward him.

He came too at the sight of their long fangs which protruded from out of their mouths. Redhill brought up his weapons and pulled the trigger on each gun.


"Ah... Damn..."

The creatures landed in front of Redhill, and pulled him back with their choir of hisses. The corporal dropped his guns to the ground and quickly searched him gear for another useful weapon, he learned that the only thing available was his Kabar knife.

The group laughed in sequence at the sight of Redhill's knife.

"If you were smart mortal, you would turn that blade on yourself and save yourself from the forthcoming pain and torture," a vampire, who stood in front of the small group of other creatures said.

He must be their leader, Redhill thought to himself. None of them are even standing next to him. This dude is who I need to take out.

Redhill gripped the handle of his Kabar as he listened to the main vampire who continued to mock and laugh at the solider. Without hesitation Redhill charged the man and slammed the blade of his knife into the creatures heart. Within moments the vampire burst into flames and crumbled to the ground as a pile of ash.

The group backed away while they angrily hissed.

After a few moments of a standoff, one of the vampires busted through the line; it attacked Redhill and knocked him to the ground. But, as the two hit the ground the blade of the Kabar penetrated into the monster's chest, and like the creature before the beast erupted into flames.

As Redhill stood up the remains of the vampire fell from his clothes and was carried away into the unknown by a passing breeze. No word was uttered as the group of angry vampires charged toward Redhill, who stood firm and waited with the Kabar readied in his right hand. Once the creatures were in arms-length, he would plunge the sharp blade into the monster's only known Achilles heel—one by one his attackers crumbled to the Earth as hot ash.

The corporal waited as he watched a new group of creatures exit the ship and head quickly toward him. Midway, the monsters stopped in their tracks. No one moved, they stared hungrily in Redhill's direction.

"What are you waiting for?" Redhill screamed out toward the group of vampires. "What are you waiting for? C'mon! C'mo—"

A familiar pair of large hands wrapped around Redhill head, and before he had time to panic, pain surged from his neck to his arm.


Redhill was thrown to the ground, and he writhed in pain as blood flowed from his fresh wound. A large hand grabbed the solider by the neck and pulled him to his feet, Redhill pushed open his eyes and saw the large vampire who he shot in the hand earlier.

"I-I killed you," Redhill mumbled.

"I heal real fast." The large vampire chuckled. "I want you to meet someone, solider boy."

The large vampire drug Redhill's limp body over to the casket, with a nod two other vampires unlocked the coffin. The top door squealed as it was opened, a sweet smell of flowers lingered into the air.

"Don't die, yet, solider boy. You need to meet someone," the vampire snapped while he violently shook Redhill's limp body.

Redhill slowly brought his hand up to the large hand which was cuffed around his throat and tugged at the fingers to no avail. His arms went limp and hit the side of his vest, the corporal's hand hit a cold piece of metal.

"Open you eyes, my dear," a soft and gentle voice said in Redhill's direction.

Redhill forced open his eyes and saw a beautiful woman, she was tall, slender with flowing black locks. Her crystal blue eyes fixed on the corporal.

"Are you and angel?" Redhill stranded to ask.

The woman smiled and said, "Far from it. You're tired and weak, come with me and I can make it all better."

"Did you hear her," the large vampire said as he shook Redhill once again.

"T-that's awfully nice since I just killed a dozen of your men."

"Ah my dear, they are easily replaced," she said with a wicked smile. "Come with me. You are strong and brave, together we could rule together for thousands of years to come."

"How about this instead, I'm going to take this," Redhill said as he lifted up the grenade, "I pull the pin and we can all go to hell together."

The Woman and the group of vampire erupted into laughter.

"You mortal are too concerned with your self existence to sacrifice your self for the greater good," the woman said with a snarl.

Redhill did not speak, with his thumb he pulled out the pin and then flicked off the striker lever. With all his might he then shoved the grenade into the large beast's mouth.

"Regardless, I'm a dead man, and now, bitch, you are too," Redhill said with a satisfied smile.


Redhill opened his eye and found himself buried underneath rubble from the explosion. He was unable to move and his own blood encircled him. Larry Redhill knew his time was up, but he could die in peace as he knew the creatures were dead as well. The corporal closed his eyes and quietly waited for the reaper to arrive.

"Silly mortal, what a such brave but extremely foolish thing to do."

Redhill looked up and saw the beautiful woman from inside the casket, as she stood over him. Beside her were the group of vampires from earlier, none of whom showed any signs of injury. As the woman spoke, each of the creatures mouths opened and their fangs extended.

"I-I don't understand, that grenade should've killed all of you," Redhill asked.

"Oh my dear, but, You can't kill me, I'm already dead."

With that, the horde of vampires engulfed Redhill and devoured him as their midnight snack.



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