Welcome everyone to the next and exciting chapter of the history of The World of Myth Magazine! As you go through the awaiting pages, you will find an even balance of familiar faces and new and fresh ones. One of the new names that you will come to know, is our new Managing Editor, Mike Lutz, thus far I have enjoyed the dialogue and the process of putting together a new issue with him. He is responsible for bring in most of the new talent, and bringing the Art Review to our magazine.

Speaking of Editors and sections of the magazine, I have to take a moment to tell everyone that a few people will not be returning to our magazine as they have moved on to the afterlife. The magazine's first formal editor, Terry D. Scheerer, succumbed to his decade long battle with his health and left us last year. On the home page at the bottom of the page, you will find a link that reads: In Memory of... where you'll find a page dedicated to our good friend, Terry.

Also, you will notice that there is no Photography section, in this issue. Although that was created as a part of a redesign when Rebecca C. Lofgren was Editor in Chief back in the early part of the 50s, I was my wife's, Lacie Montoya, favorite section. She always told me that if I were to ever open a Photography section that she would contribute to the magazine. She unexpectedly passed away due to complications due to the birth of out third child, and that's why in memory of her, I'm not including it in this or future issues.

I love and miss you, both...

Before we get into the fun, I also want to send out a public apology to Sarah Saint John. She was a good sport, while being the Managing Editor for the magazine. Although I was certainly burned out, and actually sold my company—I was persuaded to take it back after the company that purchased it could no longer make the payments. By the time Sarah came in to run things, I was fried and was grumpy about everything most of the time, but she did her job for the term of her contract (willingly and cheerfully). Sarah, had been around from almost from the beginning, and do deal with how things were, was unfair and, again, I sincerely and deeply apologize!

All right, with that out of the way I want to thank everyone who is here as a reader or a participant! We have so much in store for you in this issue, and forthcoming projects as we rebuild Dark Myth Production Studios!

We all have had so much fun here in the past. Hopefully, we will once again, of course over time, each of you will began to feel like family and an inner circle of friends. And in closing, we present you (as Terry could call it) the rebirth issue of The World of Myth, as it is just the beginning

So, I hope that you all find something that meets your fancy in the pages of the new issue, with that said, grab a cold drink, put your feet up and enjoy the first brand new issue of The World of Myth in five years!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.