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(Dr.)Pearl Ketover Prilik is a psychoanalyst and published (non---fiction) book writer. An online daily submitter to various poetry sites, she has had several online publications and a blog �Imagine� www.drpkp.com. PKP edited and has several poems published in the anthology Prompted, An International Collection of Poems (RLYB, 2011). Beyond The Dark Room, An International Collection of Transformative Poetry, another such anthology (RLYB, is projected for release Summer (2012).


By: Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik
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In the floating of the unseen sinewed string,
Wind–-Whisper on point of gentle fingertip
Leans to pet the shimmering shape hovering
Beneath the shine of sunrise.

There at the joined juncture
of a frantic fervent wish–-pack,
The smell of frangipani lights the air,
Filling the would–-be–-child
With the taste of possibility as she falls,
Fully formed, to paw through the soft air,
Tumbling –-celestial–-joy–-tickled–-trick,
Onto the verdant green
Of her first born day.



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