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(Dr.)Pearl Ketover Prilik is a psychoanalyst and published (non---fiction) book writer. An online daily submitter to various poetry sites, she has had several online publications and a blog �Imagine� www.drpkp.com. PKP edited and has several poems published in the anthology Prompted, An International Collection of Poems (RLYB, 2011). Beyond The Dark Room, An International Collection of Transformative Poetry, another such anthology (RLYB, is projected for release Summer (2012).


By: Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik
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There in the darkened hallways
They perilously met
Singing sacred silent songs
Of previous generations,
Two young girls
Taking upon their thin backs
The lashed drives of forbearers
Long gone to carry the sources
Of ALL to even one OTHER
In perfectly prescribed delivery,
Their gestures choreographed in drama,
Each soft speaking hand
Sensuously silkily preserving
The gentle gestures,
Passion pounding without limit,
Lifting their budding breasts
As they clasped each other
In final tight tear–-filled
Parting and hurried off,
Melting the cold night
Leaving small singed footprints
On cobbled stones
As the only sign
Of their inherent mission
In the dim weak fire
Drained dawn that follows
Forever listening to catch
A single molten note.



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