Jeff Young

Jeff Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel.


By: Jeff Young
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Not far in the distance late in the night
The thunder was rolling, the lightning burned bright
It moved like a monster to pass overhead
I watched as it went, safe in my bed

To the rage of the storm, I closed my eyes
Traveling off to were the dream world lies
I found myself at the edge of a lake
As I gazed in the water, I began to shake

I looked to the eyes of my own reflection
To see in myself a growing infection
I saw in my soul my deadliest sin
Paving the way for my demons to win

My life had become a gauntlet of walls
An endless maze of dark barren halls
In self-pity, I clung to a web of dejection
Blocked off to the world by inner rejection

My denial of life had left me a shell
Dooming myself to my own private hell
I looked to the sky and screamed my despair
Then fell to my knees in a last desperate prayer

�Please save me from this path I have taken
Make me a man no longer forsaken
If I could see in your eyes what you see in me
I could release my grip, and thus be free�

The heavens opened with a golden shine
Releasing a guardian, her nature divine
Her movement was lithe, her body aglow
Radiating as bright as the purest of snow

With the weight of a plume, she touched the ground
Ever so gently and making no sound
With eyes as profound as a perfect kiss
Her elegance defined my sense of bliss

She waved a hand to beckon me near
And I saw in her eyes I had nothing to fear
I lowered my head and I moved to her call
I felt in that moment my insanity fall

With supple wings of the purest white
She engulfed my body in her heavenly light
She pulled me close in a loving embrace
An unyielding hold of benevolent grace

Within her arms I lay and I trembled
In a torrent of cries, I became unraveled
No more a man, but a child of shame
My sorrow a beast I had no means to tame

A gentle finger moved to my cheek
Catching the tears that started to streak
She hushed me with a comforting tone
Assuring me I was no longer alone



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