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Luna Lupine is a member of PETA and also a park ranger in the Transylvanian Forest Reserve. A night owl, she loves long walks in the forest. Recently she was accidentally bitten by a stray wolf while rescuing it from a trap.


By: Luna Lupine
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Alan Russo (Editor) � Monsterthology

When I first heard that former filmmaker, Alan Russo, was the publisher of a new anthology of short stories, called, �Monsterthology� I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I went to Amazon and was able to get a free eBook because I was a member of Amazon Prime. I saw the cover, it was dark an eerie and wondered was this what to expect from this new anthology by Zombie Works Publications.

My questions were answered right away, with a small introduction from the once filmmaker turned publisher. Russo talks about he has been a fan of the monster genre since childhood and had always wanted to make a movie like �Monsterthology,� but still gets to see a dream of his come true in the pages of the anthology.

The first story in the book was �21 Grams� written by T. Fox Dunham. I was intrigued and grossed out at the same time, as the story takes place years after the apocalypse in Alaska. A Father and Mother attempt to bring the little boy back to life and so learn that they had in fact reanimated their Son’s body, it was soulless and the boy reverted back to a primal state (geez, I know the feeling).

The story was gripping and compelling and the end was so heart wrenching!

Another great story was �Absolution� written by Jay Wilburn. This is in my opinion a retelling of the his of our favorite vampire Vlad and how he becomes Dracula. Although this is a vampire story, I felt it was about the remaining humanity of Vlad and what events transpired to cause him to become the creature that he would become.

The vampire theme continued in “The Living Nightmare” by Tom Fowler and Roll Camera written by our very own, Sara Saint John. Sara’s �Roll Camera� is a fabulous tale about Bela Lugosi and his little secret while on a movie set.

This story is classic Saint John story-telling about her favorite subject vampires, more specific Dracula lore. This type of story was fun filled and it took you back to the days when Lugosi was a superstar in front of the camera. Sara also did an excellent job in retelling the 1931 movie, Dracula, at the same time adding her own twists and turns to make it a story of her own!

Another amusing read was �The Felix Redemption� by Robert Goodman The story is about a teen named Nick Parisi, who works on the Jersey Shore boardwalk for his uncle. A job that doesn�t have much challenge until he investigates troublesome disturbances at a pier food vendor�s garbage bins that appears to be raided by a local animal. As the moon waxes full over the seaside resort, Nick doesn�t realize the danger he will soon be in or the importance of a new and pretty girl he meets along the way.

Monsterthology has fifteen stories in all and is 167 pages and is truly a must read for all those monster lovers out there and I give it three strong stars! Well my friends, it’s that time of night and I heard a few family members outside my window.

Luna Lupine


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