Barry Basore

Barry Basore has written for himself for 40 years and reads widely. It took the influence of his dear wife Sarah Basore—better known as Sara Saint John,—to make him want to write for others. Henry Kuttner, Robert Burton and Joss Whedon are his role models.


By: Barry Basore
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Once in a bookstore auction
I saw a pamphlet
From the city of St. Louis
“How to Survive the H Bomb”.

Civil Defense, duck under your desk,
Keep lots of canned food and lots of water,
And for God’s sake build a fallout shelter.
The fallout could last awhile.

The 50 s lived under a mushroom cloud,
I live under mine.

After my divorce,
After the money crunch,
After the dead end jobs,
After the consumer credit counseling,
I went underground.
The fallout could last awhile.


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