The World of Myth Submission Guidelines

Submission Prerequisite:
All contributors are required to subscribe to our magazine by signing up for membership. This requires a valid first & last name and e-mail address, which we use to provide you with information regarding The World of Myth (TWoM). We do not sell subscriber information to third parties.

We accept e-mail submissions only, with your work submitted as an attachment. The subject line of the e-mail should contain the following information: Submission Type (Art, poem, or story), Title, and the last name of the Author or Artist. As an example, your subject line should look like this:

TWoM submission: Poetry--How do I Love Thee--Browning.

In the body of the e-mail, please submit a cover letter that includes your full name, valid e-mail address, word count, title, genre, a brief description of the submission, and a short bio of 50 words or less. *Note: if you use a pen name, we still require your real name for administrative purposes only.

Be advised that TWoM is not interested in stories, poems, or art containing explicit sex, gratuitous violence, or strong profanity (i.e. no “f” bombs or god-d***). Our magazine is intended to be enjoyable for young and old alike, if the content would be considered higher than a ‘PG-13’ the submission will be rejected. In any event, the the Managing Editor has the final say about what is or is not published.

TWoM considers stories in the following genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Humor, and Science Fiction. We accept submissions up to 3,000 words or less. While we do publish stories longer than 3,000 words, they require author-formatted serialization and a story description in the cover letter of your submission e-mail.

We prefer stories attached as either an MS-Word or LibreOffice (formerly Open Office) document. Please contact the Managing Editor before submitting in other formats.

Submissions should be double-spaced with one inch margins, non-justified, and sent as an e-mail attachment. Underline words that need to be italicized. When double-spacing lines, it is not necessary to insert additional space between paragraphs; a single tab indentation will suffice. Please number the pages, double space between sentences, and check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of your tales. We’re only interested in polished work, not rough drafts.

Send all stories to the Managing Editor.

Poetry & Artwork
Basically, TWoM is looking for anything with interesting subject matter that will complement the genres of the magazine.

Poems should be 500 words or less and you may submit up to three poems at a time. Epic and story poems of 500+ words will be considered on a case by case basis.

Artwork should be submitted as an attachment in J-peg (.jpg) format, with at least 100 dpi. Contact the Associate Editor before submitting in other formats. Limit submissions to three pieces of art per attachment. The “Cover Artwork” of the magazine will be chosen from among all submissions.

Send all artwork and poems to the the Associate Editor.

There is no monetary compensation of any kind for submissions published in TWoM. We do, however, award the title of Member of the Month to the story, poem, artwork or column with the highest grade point average. The GPA is determined through a poll which is voted upon by all readers. No monetary prize is awarded for the Member of the Month.

Winners will be announced in the issue following the publication of his or her work(s). For example, the winners of the January issue will be announced in the March issue of our magazine.

Copyrights remain with the author, poet, or artist at all times. However, we do ask that you refrain from re-posting your work anywhere else after notification of acceptance and for 60 days after TWoM publishes your work. During publication, contributors may post hyper-links to our site.

Reply Time
Please allow up to four weeks for a reply to submissions. If we haven’t replied by then, query us for the status.

For questions concerning submissions, contact the the Managing Editor.

(Updated: September 10, 2011)



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