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By: Xilera
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Leprechauns are a type of faire folk, such as fairies or elves. They originate from Irish legends. They are usually portrayed as an older man dressed in an old fashioned green outfit with a hat on their heads. They symbolize luck and are usually associated with four leaf clovers. The legend states that if a person can successfully capture a Leprechaun they may be able to convince him to tell the whereabouts of his treasure. This is not easily done because Leprechauns are cunning and very secretive. Over the years, these legends have changed, adding things such as a rainbow leading to the treasure and the treasure actually being a pot of gold.

Leprechauns are also well known for their trouble making and many believe that they choose a family and stay dedicated to that family by pulling pranks on them around the house. Others believe them to be evil, that they are dark spirits sent to cause harm. So, whatever you do or donít believe, stay on the lookout for Leprechauns this March. You may just find your pot of gold.

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