Welcome to The World of Myth’s 53rd issue. Glad you could make it. We have a lot of wonderful creativity just waiting for your approval. Come and see what our creators have to offer.

Action/Adventure: Gloria Teague proves that sometimes it’s just “Too Hot to Dance”, Andrew McDonald pulls out all the stops in “Summerset”, and Walter Giersbach gives us the “Statue of Limitations”.

Art: Albert Kong gives us a beautiful portrait of “Tifa”, while Kookie von Lupe shows us a hot painting of “Hot Tea”. Our own Rebecca Lofgren is back with a drawing I’d like to hug called “Scarlett” and her friends, the ladies of “Silken Summer”.

Fantasy: Mike Phillips shows us how quick thinking and luck come to a wizard’s aid in “Escape of the Fire Demon”, and Jonathan Kirsch gives us “A Lesson in First Contact”.

Horror: Jason Sturner tells us what happens when a “Dead Man Appears”, and Gloria Teague shows us how to survive in “Vegetarians”.

Humor: J. Wint gives us a second grisly and dark laugh in Part Two of his horror comedy “Speak No Evil”, and Molly Moss takes us on an entertaining romp in “United Earth”.

Photography: Chris Bailey shows off a “’59 Wagon”, while Valentina vonAsh gives us “A Fine Tale” and a glimpse of “Immortality”. My husband Barry Basore caught the spirit of our “Ghost Cat”. Our own Lacie Montoya uplifts us with “Rushing Winds” and “The Sun will Shine”, and last but not least, Veronica Bane gifts us with “Shell Hunters” and “Secret Garden”.

Poetry: Jerome Brooke takes us back to days of myth with “The Doom of the Gods” and then introduces us to “The Sisters of the Coven”. Keven Magnus returns with a heart rending poem, “The Loser”, while Rebecca C. Lofgren says, “You Say I’m a Waste of Space, But I’m really just a Waste of Time” and Teal Winthrop is “Drowning in the Sky”.

Science Fiction: Anita Simpson gives us an unusual lesson in botany in “Garden Spot”.

Columns: In our Movie Review, Reaper Rick returns from a ummm… Mental health break and gives us the scoop on some old school horror flicks. Luna Lupine reviews George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Xilera reveals the myth of Leprechauns in this month’s ‘Myth of’, then takes a different turn to review the game Final Fantasy 13-2. Finally, The Creature of Myth… ummm… The Professor gives us a telling interview with David K. Montoya.

So, “Let us entertain you. Let us make you smile…” Sit back and enjoy Issue 53 of The World of Myth.

Sara Saint John
Managing Editor

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