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Interview with David K. Montoya

Hello there! It’s yours truly, the Professor, on location in front of the home of our very own Chief Executive Officer and President, David K. Montoya. He actually agreed to do this interview back in December and I’ve been looking forward to this for some time now. So here we go…

David K. Montoya: Can I help you?

Professor:Yes, uha, hi I’m the Professor, and I’m here to interview you.

David K. Montoya:Sorry Bunky, I don’t do interviews. Oh, and your tie’s crooked—have a good one.

Professor: But. But you agreed to do this interview for The World of Myth back in December.

David K. Montoya: You work for The World of Myth?

Professor: Yes sir. I’m the magazine’s Interviewer.

David K. Montoya: Really? Who hired you, because someone’s about to get fired.

Professor: You did. I was hired on a temporary basis, remember?

David K. Montoya: Damn. I remember you now—come on in. Oh, and if you wake the baby, you’re a dead man.

Professor: Okay, got’cha.

David K. Montoya: So what kind of questions you have for me, Professor?

Professor: You look tired, are you up to this?

David K. Montoya: I’ve been up for 32 hours, but I’m sure I can answer a few questions.

Professor: Okay then, here we go. First question, we haven’t publicly heard much from you since taking back the company from The New Blood Films Company; why is that?

David K. Montoya: Really? That’s your opening question? You sure I hired you, because someone really needs to be fired at this point.

Professor: Yes. You emailed me and said I was on the team.

David K. Montoya: Damn.

Professor: So what about my question?

David K. Montoya: Oh. I’m sorry, I thought you understood. That was a crappy opening question—try another one.

Professor: Uh, okay… In May, it will be the company’s twentieth anniversary; what are your thoughts about that?

David K. Montoya: It’s hard to believe that it has already been twenty years. I sit back and look at the past, and I see a LOT of hard work. I see people that came together to achieve a common goal. I see a history of ups and downs, but mainly, I see a small range of success. And Bunky that brings a smile to my face.

Professor: My name is Professor, not, Bunky.

David K. Montoya: Yeah, whatever.

Professor: Okay, here’s a good one. Recently, you had a survey conducted about how you preformed as CEO, can you share the results with us?

David K. Montoya: I just wanted to know where I stood with people. While a few people felt it was a waste of their time and didn’t even bother finishing it, quite a few of the others where more than happy to let me know how they thought about I was doing as CEO.

Professor: So what was the outcome like?

David K. Montoya: Something like 85% of the people approved of the job that I’ve been doing, while 15% thought I sucked. Oh with one person who hoped I dropped dead and another happy camper who said I should be fired because I didn’t pay the people who won Member of the Month.

Professor: So is it true, that you owe former Member of the Month winners?

David K. Montoya: Not that I’m aware of. There was one incident with former contributor, Aaron Smith. It was an oversight and we missed paying him on time. But hey, be happy there was even an issue presented after the death of my step-father and the birth of my second child. But anyway, that matter with Mr. Smith was rectified last year.

Professor: What if there was in fact another oversight, how should one contact you about it?

David K. Montoya: Just drop me an email and I’ll look into it.

Professor: Good deal. While we’re on the topic of your job, there was a post recently by a reader who—

David K. Montoya: TJ.

Professor: Pardon?

David K. Montoya: His name is TJ, you know, the guy who posted on the forum. Anyway, go ahead with the question.

Professor: All right. TJ posted a lengthy blurb on the forum, one of the things he wrote about was how long it takes you to reply to an email. Why does it take you so long to get back to people?

David K. Montoya: Why? Life is why. Dude, I am married with two kids, one of which is almost six months old. I work as CEO during the day and a EKG Monitor Technician (which is 12 ½ hours shifts might I add) at night. I’m also a college student trying to squeeze in classes in any spare time I have. More times than not my days spill over into the following day. How many times have you been awake 26 to 28 hours?

Professor: I don’t think I ever have.

David K. Montoya: Well Bunky, I do that at least three days a week, every week. So can you see why it may take me a while to respond to an email?

Professor: Wow. I had no idea.

David K. Montoya: If anyone really needs to get in touch with me, they’d have my cell phone number or contact a manager first.

Professor: Well I don’t have your number, how could I reach you besides email? Maybe drop you a note on Facebook?

David K. Montoya: You’d get a response faster by email then on Facebook or Twitter for that matter.

Professor: Okay moving right along. We briefly mentioned Dark Myth’s 20 year anniversary, any special plans?

David K. Montoya: We’re not allowed to say Dark Myth any more.

Professor: What? Why can’t I say Dark Myth?

David K. Montoya:No one who is a part of the company is allowed to say Dark Myth in reference to our company.

Professor: You’re kidding?

David K. Montoya: No I’m not. Come to find out a Japanese company copyrighted the brand name “Dark Myth” three years before I copyrighted Dark Myth Productions in 1995.

Professor: To be honest, I never even heard of Dar—DMPS, until I met you guys.

David K. Montoya: For the record, you’re not allowed to say the company’s acronym either. DMPS is copyrighted by another company as well.

Professor: C’Mon?

David K. Montoya: Seriously. I thought (we’ll call it D.M. from here on out) was a unique name.

Professor: So how did the Japanese company find out?

David K. Montoya: Well, Terry and I (and everyone who had a D.M. Email address) received a “Cease and Desist” order from their lawyer which said something about customers contacting them about this issue. The C&D states that the costumers are confusing us with their “Dark Myth” brand.

Professor: Holy cow. So now what?

David K. Montoya: We had to change the name of the company.

Professor: Any ideas?

David K. Montoya: Actually yes. Terry and I came up with a replacement name. I drew up a rough logo and Rebecca worked up the final draft.

Professor: Cool, so what’s the new name?

David K. Montoya: We decided to go with…

And that concludes part one of this interview with Chief Executive Officer and President, David K. Montoya. Come back next month as we present the final half of this interview.

Thanks for reading; this is the Professor signing out.




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