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By: Xilera
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TITLE: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

With the new website format I wanted to bring you a review of a brand new game, Kingdom Of Amalur: Reckoning. I hope you are as excited about this game as I am, because I can honestly say this is a truly amazing game. Now I know there are a hundred reviews out there for this game but I feel, as someone who has beat the game in its entirety, slashed through every single side quest, and completed every faction that I can give a real opinion.

Well here it goes: KOAR is the baby of big shot EA games, 38 Studios, and Big Huge Games. This I can say was truly a labor of love. In KOAR you partake of your adventure in a world called the Fae Lands, and this map is anything but small. The Fae Lands contain many sub areas and quite a bit of small villages and a handful of large cities. The Fae Lands had been at peace for many of cycles until the evil Winter Fae Lord Gadflow comes across a mysterious crystal called prismere.

With war waging upon the Fae Lands, this is where your hero comes in, and it is your destiny to decide how it all unfolds. I was pretty happy with the character creation in this game. You can choose between four different races and either sex. There are two human races and two elven raves. The Almain are a noble human race who worship the god Mitharu.

The Varani are a more versatile human race who are usually theives, merchants, or mercenaries. The Dokkalfar are the dark elves; they are excellent mages but can also excel as assassins. The Ljosalfar are the light elves and are a nobler race and well connected with nature. In character creation, you can customize pretty much everything about your character. Skin color, hair, tattoos, and piercings are just a few of the customizing factors you can control on your character. You may also choose a god to worship which adds different various passive stats that stay with you throughout the game. You will also get acquainted with Gnomes, Summer and Winter Fae, as well as many beasts along the way. Now letís talk a bit about classes. I have to say this is my favorite aspect of this game.

Unlike most other RPGs, your class is anything but set in stone. Now the way the classes work in this game is that there are three skill trees, Might, Finesse, and Sorcery. However you can become a warrior if you want, but why not try a battle mage or maybe even a jack of all trades? Oh, guess what. If you arenít happy with your class, you can change it at any time. KOAR also has a full range of crafting abilities: weapons, armor, potions, and enhancing gems. You can make them all. There are hundreds of pre-made weapons and armor to equip yourself with, but with the crafting abilities, the possibilities are truly endless.

As for quests go there are many, well actually there are A LOT. I recommend taking part in as many side quests as possible. Not only is it a great way to level but you get cool items and can learn a lot about the history of Amalur. They also offer you four very different and unique faction lines. As for the graphics of this game they arenít the best but the awesome and interactive skill animations make up for that entirely. So whether you be a new rpg gamer of a veteran I recommend you run out and buy Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. You will never know what secrets and treasures are waiting to be discovered in the Fae Lands until you do. I respectively give this game 4 1/2 out of 5 stars .

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