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Interview with Sara Saint John

Welcome back to the interview booth everyone. Before I introduce this month's special guest, I need to attend to a few formalities.

First, while I was assured that I had not been hired as full-time Interviewer, the Powers-that-be came to me earlier last week and encouraged me to (not so nicely, might I add) wear a suit and tie, as well, I needed to change my name from “Creature of Myth” to something less ominous and more welcoming.

Again, they, told me this was not an indication of pos—what? Get on with it or what?

Okay, as I was saying, from this day forth, I shall be known as, “The Professor.”

So this month ladies and gentlemen, I have such a treat for all of you. Our guest today is a published author, a respected editor and creator extraordinaire and let's not forget the new Managing Editor of The World of Myth, please welcome Sarah Basore also know as Sara Saint John!

Professor: Welcome to the interview booth, Mrs. Basore.

Sara Saint John: Thank you, Creature…ummm, sorry…Professor.

Professor: I've taken the time to put together some thought provoking questions; shall we begin?

Sara Saint John: I’m at your disposal. Or maybe I should rephrase that. Let’s begin.

Professor: Great, thank you. You've done just about everything for this company from being a contributing writer of short fiction; you were also the movie reviewer at one point; as well as a published author in three books produced by Dark Myth; currently editor in chief of G.IS.G, LLC (a DMPS owned company) and now, the managing editor of The World of Myth.

So my question, Mrs. Basore, is what was your journey from first being published in an online magazine known as worldofmyth.tk to now running the show at what would become The World of Myth Magazine?

Sara Saint John: The World of Myth published my first work of short fiction. David K. Montoya’s and Terry Scheerer’s support and encouragement gave me the courage to continue on this crazy and addictive path called writing. Besides, I love TWoM and the great fiction, articles, poetry and art included within. It’s a wonderful place for creators to get their starts. I want to be a part of that.

Professor: This is a side note really, but I read your first story, “The Testament,” in our archives and that story was so fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. Do you have a follow-up story to it?

Sara Saint John: Hmmm…not yet, but thank you for an intriguing idea.

Professor: So, how did your first month as Managing Editor go?

Sara Saint John: It was definitely a learning process, but I had so much fun reading everyone’s work. Everyone’s job should be so entertaining.

Professor: In your own words, what is it that you would say attracts people to keep coming back to The World of Myth?

Sara Saint John: Quality stories, poetry and art all for the low, low price of FREE. What more can a person ask?

Professor: With that said, what do you think needs to be fixed with the magazine?

Sara Saint John: I don’t believe anything “needs to be fixed”. I would like to see more art submitted for publication. And I’d like more readers. We need to spread the word. And more submissions, please.

Professor: If I may? Terry Scheerer as Editor brought us together as a family, and Steve Bolin guided us into popularity—my question is what will Sarah Basore be remembered as her time as editor?

Sara Saint John: Both men command my respect. Terry edited my collection Black Hearts and Red Blood Dreams. He’s a talented editor with a big heart. And Steve, besides bringing great stories, brought order and organization into the mix. I hope I will be remembered for helping creators get their work out to the public. For helping them establish a name. And for making all of the Powers-that be at TWoM proud.

Professor: As an author, would you say it gives you special insight in the world of a publishing editor?

Sara Saint John: Definitely. Editing takes time and concentration, something we authors sometimes forget. Now I will be more understanding of my editors. Let me add, as an author editing TWoM, I will do my best to keep the author’s words as written, only editing punctuation or format to make it the best work we (the author and I) can release to the public.

Professor: Now that you are Managing Editor, will we see more or less of your stories?

Sara Saint John: (laughs) I do have an “in”, don’t I? Of course it will be irresistible to add some of my own work once in awhile. That said, rest assured TWoM won’t become The Sara Saint John Show.

Professor: So can you let us in on any special plans you may have for the reader of the magazine?

Sara Saint John: In the words of an old song: “Let us entertain you. Let us make you smile.” To take it further: Let us creep you out, or make you want to fight the dragons. Let us take you to worlds beyond your imagining. Let us dazzle your eyes.

Professor: Before we go, I wanted to ask you what you thought of the new redesign of the magazine?

Sara Saint John: Great! The Powers-that be are keeping it fresh and edgy. I like that.

Professor: Sarah, I sincerely want to thank you for taking time to talk with us today. Before we say good-bye, is there anything you would like to add that I might have missed?

Sara Saint John: I just want to say, “Thank you to the Powers-that-be for giving me this opportunity.”

Professor: I would like to again congratulate you for all of your success.

Sara Saint John: Thank you, Creature…ummm…Professor.

Okay boys and girls that's it for me this month, come back next time as we attempt to pick the brilliant brain of today's creative geniuses.

Thanks for reading; this is the Professor signing out.




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