Luna Lupine

Luna Lupine is a member of PETA and also a park ranger in the Transylvanian Forest Reserve. A night owl, she loves long walks in the forest. Recently she was accidentally bitten by a stray wolf while rescuing it from a trap.


By: Luna Lupine
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Author Terry D. Scheerer is in amazingly top form with his second collection of short stories in The Dragon Hunters and Other Tails. In this adventurous book, Scheerer takes readers by their hands and leads them through his creative mind. It is a whimsical time of unbelievable fantasy, in times of ole and other times, filled with heart-felt revelations that could only come from the imagination of one of the best storytellers of our time; but he also shares occasional glimpses of humor, as well as a hint of romance.

In the first half of the book, which is the poetry section entitled Fantasy Tails of Yore, Scheerer explores worlds of thought-provoking questions. He , at the same time, analyzes his sanity, life, death, love, and the great beyond, all as part of his ultimate goal of finding eternal and everlasting peace.

In the second half of the book, Contemporary Fantasy Tails, the reader is brought into a darker and more dangerous world. Here Scheerer sets forth his true skill in a number of short stories, and with the power of his words outlines crystal clear and disturbing images of depression, suffering, destruction, pain, horror and death. In "The Riders of Heaven" we find out where we go after we pass on from this world to the next. Then, in "Aye, Robot", what may be one of the best sci-fi horror stories in decades, we find out what happens when mankind learns there is a new species out to become the dominate ruler of Earth. In "Dead and Ferried" a deceased man convinces Death himself to stray from their current course of action.

If you have never read any of Terry Scheerer's powerful stories, here’s your chance to do so. You will not be disappointed. A Trade Paperback copy of Terry D. Scheerer’s book, " The Dragon Hunters and Other Tails" can be purchased at our sister store site, MythMart.

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