By: Jerome Brooke

“Prince of the Isles, we welcome you. If you ask that we cast a spell against an enemy, speak forth,” said the wise woman.

The women stood in a circle round the fire. It cast shadows among the trees, as the skyclad women circled the flames.

“We offer charms to men who seek love, My Lord,” said a woman with dark hair, her face lined with her years.

“If ye seek potions to bring gold, these we can decant.” said a young woman, with red hair, stirred by the gale.

“You are women wise in the dark arts. You are known in all corners of the realm,” I replied. “I am a Prince, with lands rich in gold.”

“Do you seek victory in war?” asked a woman of distance isles, a woman dark of skin.

“I shall make wars, to seek glory. I will, however, trust to the valor of my knights to win victory, lady of the coven.”

“Do you seek a woman fair of face? We can cast a spell to call any woman to your side,” said the witch whose hair was the color of flame.

“Diverse lovers have I. Yet you are fair, and I would go with you to your hut this night. I shall risk both your dark powers, as well as the wiles of a woman fair,” I replied.

“Do you come to us this night to discover the future? Do you seek to learn the fate of kings, and the rise of distant realms?” asked the woman with hair black as the wing of the raven.

“All of that will unfold as the years do pass,” I pronounced. “I will await the years as they come.”

“Do you ask we call the souls of kings long dead, to visit this world? Do you desire to converse with them?” the witch, a woman with tawny hair and eyes of green, did ask.

She came close to me before the fire, at the centre of circle of these wills. The shameless witch took my hand, and placed it on her breast. The woman laughed – then returned to the circle.

“Do you desire that we call to this realm the Goddess of the Moon? She has favored men as she wills, over the ages. She might mark you to win great renown, and grant to you long life, victory, and wisdom,” said another of the women.

The woman, tall and fair of face, came to me, and touched my cheek.

“You offer great power, and this would be a boon that any prince would seek,” I replied. “Call then the Goddess, that we may presently know her will.”

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About the Author

Jerome Brooke was born in Evansville, Indiana. He now lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He has written the City of the Mirage (Amazon) and many other books.
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