Part One

By: Billy Wong

Desperately flailing her arms, she managed a lucky punch to his throat which halted his barrage for the moment. Rolling to her side, she tried to drag herself out from under him. She did not get far before he stepped on her lower back and yanked her head back by the hair. Gasping as bloody spittle flew from her mouth, she felt him tense for a final strike. She was going to feel this in the morning.


Pulling back on her loose ponytail to keep her from rolling with the blow, he drove a punch with all his strength into the base of her neck. Hit with such force it tore her hair from his grasp, her body snapped forward into the ground like a mousetrap. With a soft moan, she set her palms and began to push herself up. Then she collapsed and closed her eyes. She lay still on her belly, cheek resting against the concrete and pretty hands limp about her head.

Had he gone too far? He knelt beside her and lifted a slack-fingered hand to check her pulse. Strong and steady, even after all that. He let her arm drop and walked away, smiling with admiration.

"Don't turn your back on your opponent." He turned and incredibly, there she stood. More amazing still, she was grinning. "Would've kicked you in the butt, but since you didn't try to hit me while I was down I decided to return the favor."

"You're still awake? Should have stayed down, to keep your pretty face from getting more messed up than it already is."

"Why? That was the most fun I've had in my life!"

She charged into him with a flying kick, which he took with a grunt and step back before punching her in the side of the head. She retaliated with two punches of her own and flexed her neck.

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