Part One

By: Billy Wong

Doubled over by the foot to her gut, she staggered back and saw his stance shift to punch. "Not the face!" she cried with a preemptive wince—and looked up to see a huge fist stop about an inch from her eye. She smiled sweetly, then kicked hard into his groin.

"So much for chivalry," she said as he stood bent with pain.

"How's this for chivalry?" he asked, kicking one of his shoes off at her face. She slapped it aside, but failed to see his follow-up in time. One of the hardest punches she'd ever felt crashed against her jaw. The world slowed as she took flight. She vaguely felt her body do a backward flip, then everything sped back up in time for her face to splatter on the concrete. Groggily she pushed herself to her knees, head swaying from side to side.

A large foot filled her vision before slamming full into her face. Again she was launched through the air, landing heavily on her back. She began to sit up, then he mounted her to rain boulderlike fists upon her face. The first punch hit her as her head was coming up, smashing the back of her skull into the pavement. More followed. With nowhere to go, her head was crushed repeatedly against the ground. She tried to cover up, but her small delicate hands proved little defense against his great knobs of muscle and bone. The blows shredded her lips and turned her face to pulp.

"How are—you still—conscious?" he demanded between hits. Her head bounced around like a ball beneath him, she only screamed in response.

"Okay, okay!" she finally rasped, palms out in a submissive gesture.

He stopped. "What? You've giving up?"

"No." With a conveniently raised hand, she attempted to sucker punch him. He caught her fist and resumed beating her face in.

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