Part One

By: Billy Wong

"You will never be the best fighter in the world," her mentor had said. "Even if you are, they would not recognize it."

The girl understood why she'd been told that; mainly because she was female, and too small to compete at the most respected weight classes besides. But she would not accept it. Even if she could never be acknowledged as the best, she could prove to herself that she was. Thus she decided to challenge the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world.

She stopped him one night in an alley leaving a bar. "Hey, big man. Want to fight?"

Of course, he thought she was joking. After all, he had a foot on her and more than double the weight. "I'd fight you in bed, but I'm happily married."

"No, I'm serious! Look, I have my gloves on and everything."

He frowned. "So you do. Who put you up to this? I don't see the point of going to all this trouble for a prank."

"I really want to fight you. Just give me a chance."

"What, so I hit you and you get to sue me? No thanks."

"I won't sue! Please, I promise!"



"Let me think about it. No."

In frustration, she punched him.

"Are you crazy? What do y-" Then he touched his nose, and noticed he was bleeding. "Damn, you hit harder than some of my opponents."

He seemed to reconsider her as an adversary. "You really are challenging me, aren't you?"

She nodded. He raised balled fists, the warrior's fire in his eyes. Good, this was how she wanted it to be. She let him throw the first punch, clipping her head as she ducked aside. Then she rushed in, peppering him with blows to the body. He shoved her away and kicked at her midriff.

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About the Author

Billy Wong is an avid fan of heroic fantasy, with a special love for hardcore warriors of the fairer sex. His fiction has appeared in many venues including Sorcerous Signals, Big Pulp, and Robots Beyond anthology. A full list of his published works can be found here:

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