By: Edward Rodosek

My faithful TV is waiting for me.
I sit in my armchair
and gaze spellbound at the glowing screen.  

There all women are glorious as goddesses,
long-legged and full-breasted,
their eyes are azure like the sky.
There all men are like gladiators,
they all drive fast roadsters.  

There I get to know
how I shall live correctly;
there I'm told
what is the veritable truth:  

Which is the proper detergent;
how I can lose weight overnight;
where must I spend my luxurious holidays
at giveaway prices…  

I must simply and solely buy
this marvellous product;
this old, ugly thing of mine
I have to replace with a new one.  

All those splendid new gems
are waiting for me,
only and solely for me...
What am I waiting for?  

I'll stay here inside
Once and for all.
I have no use for the outer world.  

Yet – only one thing disturbs me:
the light and the noise from the street.
I have to close
that damned window and the shutters;
the ugly reality outside
insolently lies to me,
trying to deceive me.

About the Author

Dr. Sc. Edward A. Rodosek is a Senior Professor in University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union. Beside his professional work, he writes fiction. Over one hundred of his short stories have appeared in SF magazines in USA, UK, Australia and India. Recently he published “Beyond Perception,” a short story collection.
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