By: Jen Ricci

So it is a mental eclipse the sun is doing to me
What the gentle night would never dare
I miss the long darkness of my Summers
I guess to love
You have to know what you are not
Before finding what you †are.
I dreamt of you for so many nights
Seemed to speak †in my dreams as we made love
As you told me what you want of me
A hard deal you ask
With no freedom or escape
As Iíll be yours and yours only
A chain to my neck and being
For your love only.
Will you love me?
For love, for love only.
Touch me, you seem to touch me
Why my love, why?
Is it all or nothing? Will it do if I lie to you?
Will you take my will, my life and my body with you?
You said, Iíll be the only woman for you
That I believe
Youíll be the only one for me
Night after night
As you take my body and soul.

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