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    David K. Montoya
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    Steve Bolin
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    Terry D. Scheerer
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    Slepter Zephyr
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  • About The World of Myth Magazine.

  • Welcome to the 50th issue of The World of Myth.

    Welcome to a very special edition of The World of Myth. This issue celebrates our 7th year of business and our 50th publication. In our largest issue to date, we‹ve accumulated enough stories here to keep you busy until January of next year, the month our next issue is scheduled to come out.

    As is our custom, let‹s begin by congratulating the category winners from the last issue. These winners were selected by a majority vote of readers in our monthly polls.

    Best Story: The Words and Deeds of Men by Aaron Smith

    Best Poem: Disbelief by Rebecca C. Lofgren

    Best Art: Warrior Woman by Mauricio Roldan

    Member of the Month: Rebecca C. Lofgren

    Congratulations to all our winners. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed poems, stories or artwork. Our magazine would not be possible without your contributions. Now then, let‹s take a look at each of our genre sections and see what lies in store for our readers.

    Commentary: David K. Montoya reminisces about the history of our magazine.

    Horror: Using the words of undoing a brave girl must save her people from the nothing before they are all destroyed in Deathless One by Loretta Stradley. Evilution reveals the maniacal inner workings of Kevin Adams‹ mind. Lastly we have Long in the Tooth by Sarah St. John, which is a sequel to her novel, Trust the Night.

    Science Fiction: In Clean Sweep, Brian Hurrel discovers an unexpected aspect of cleaning robots. In Life Review, the Selection of the Month, I explore a way to change one man into the person he needs to be.

    Humor : Jezzy Wolfe amuses us with a tale inspired by her coffee addiction in Juan in a Million. Barry Basore imagines a world run by monkeys in To Fling or Not to Fling. Finally, Terry Scheerer shows us how to deal with Death in It‹s Later Than You Think.

    Fantasy: Read another episode in the "Leta" series as Jerome Brooke contributes Myth of Leta in this issue. If you enjoy fantastic creatures, intrigue, danger and heroism, you‹ll want to read Adam Janus‹ complete six part novella, The Dark Cult of Hisseesha.

    Action/Adventure: S. Sadie Burbank engages us with Before the Red Hills (Part 1 & 2), a tale that will leave you wondering if it‹s a work of fiction or an autobiography. David Clark shows us the darker side of war and interrogation in The Key.

    Poetry: This month we have a variety of valuable verse with: Time Machine Abuse by Larson, Eclipse by Ricci, Minions by Jerome Brooke, Veritable Truth by Edward Rodosek, The Thing Beneath the Floor by Steve Bolin.

    Art: For a treat of eye candy, check these out: Deadly Eyes by Mauricio Roldan, Elf Portrait by Rebecca Lofgren, Tetragrammation by Jesse Lindsey, Typhoeus by Dave Montoya, and The Heartless Angel by Jesse Lima.

    Columns: In Movie Reviews, Reaper Rick gives us the scoop on The Haunting, Insidious, Sucker Punch and more. Before the full moon took her, Luna Lupine read Jumper and its sequel Reflex, both by Steven Gould, and then wrote a revealing Book Review. Edgar Ahlberg‹s Writing Woes column again educates the budding author by demonstrating ways to improve our writing skills. Finally, we managed to intercept an Interview column by Juxnezlyth, wherein he abducts a rather opinionated TWoM member.

    I‹d like to take this opportunity to announce some news. First of all, I‹d like to congratulate David Montoya and his wife for adding another tiny member to their family. Everyone on our staff wishes them the best. Also, I‹d like to announce my retirement from The World of Myth. I have fulfilled my commitment to DMP, so this is my last issue as EiC. I have a growing number of writing projects that require a substantial amount of my time. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to split my time between TWoM and my writing projects, and ensure that each receives the quality and time it deserves. It was a wonderful experience and I loved my staff members.

    Well, friends, it looks like you have a lot of reading ahead of you. Be sure to vote on each story, poem and artwork as you view it. While you‹re at it, leave an encouraging comment for your favorite authors and artists on the ad-free forum. And, if you‹re an aspiring author who‹s looking to polish your story, we highly recommend the services of ChickenScratch Editing.

    One more thing… If the font size is ever too small, remember that simultaneously pressing "Control" and the "+" button on your keyboard will usually enlarge the web page. It‹s an easy way to reduce eye strain for readers with vision that‹s less than 20/20.

    Now then, sit back, relax, read our magazine and…


    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    Check out our Myth Mart and show your support by purchasing one or more of the following:

    TWoM Anthology

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    The Dragon Hunters by Terry D. Scheerer

    Book of Dreams by Rebecca C. Lofgren

    The Greenhouse Murders by L.M. Mercer

    Black Hearts and Blood Red Dreams by Sarah St. John

    Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night by Terry D. Scheerer

    Editor‹s Favorite Forum Comment:

    Author Comment
    Sara Saint John

    Aug 13, 2011 - 3:26PM
    Monsters in the Basement

    What a great story, John. The father chilled me with what he'd become. And the end was so disquieting.

    Selection of the Month

    They say hindsight is 20/20. Perhaps, this is true. Even so, there‹s no way I could‹ve guessed that I‹d end up like this. Truth is, I wouldn‹t have believed it if Nostradamus himself walked up and told me what was going to happen.

    I believe now. Not that it helps much, but I do believe…
    Click Here for Steve Bolin's Life Review

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