Virtue Found: Terry D. Scheerer


Virtue Found
By: Terry D. Scheerer

I am sure somewhere it be written down
That chastity is still a virtue found
In maidens whom will soon be wed
To learn of sex in their marriage bed.
Aye, in some place that must be true
Where many men have balls of blue
From waiting for that first delightful touch--
But then, I doubt they really wait that much.
For a single hand will do the trick
And that may ease a swollen...stick
So when the time doth finally come
Our lonely hero will at last get some
Of what he has desired all this time--
That sweet taste of love, be it so sublime.


About the Author

Terry D. Scheerer feels that his poetry reflects aspects of his life, much of which has been dark, dreary, full of pain, death, disappointment and disillusionment. But, then, whose life hasn't been?
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