The World of Myth Movie Reviews


The World of Myth Movie Reviews

Welcome to this month's movie review. In this issue we will cover three films. One new release, plus two golden oldies. The first on this list is Westley Snipes in "Blade Trinity."

The dark vampire hunter, Blade, returns to take on the un-dead with some new help from a team of underrated hunters known as the Night Stalkers. As they cut through a cult of vampires, Blade lands in some trouble with the law, which leads him to a one on one with the original vampire--Dracula!

All in all, the movie wasn't half bad. But now, with Marvel Studios having their finfingers in the mix to set guidelines on the movie - which they didn't do with the last two - this movie lacked the adult theme.

For the first time, it felt like like a comic book movie. Now, that's not a bad thing, but when you put out two other movies that have no association with the third, other than the main character being from the comic-that could be a problem. Plus, the first two movies have a very heavy "R" rating, then they turn around and change things to where this movie barely goes over PG-13 (if it did). this makes the overall story weak.

Aside from Blade, the other main character is Dracula. The overall idea was pretty cool, but the actor who plays the Prince of Darkness just didn't sell the character. Maybe if he had taken the time to study the myth, he may have been able to pull it off.

Like I said in the begainning, it's not half bad, but not that great. It didn't leave me wanting more, so 'Blade Trinity' gets just one and a half howls of pleasure.

The next movie is anything but a new release; the 1994 clasic "Ninja Scroll." Celebrating its tenth anniversary, it was re-released for the first time on DVD. It's a must have for any Manga fan. Filled with great extras, like a very insightful interview with the Director [Yoshiaki Kawajiri] and commentary with the voice actors of Jubei and Kagero (which I thought was cool, since they've never done anythink like that).

And lets not forget the movie itself. Now I'm not gonna giva a lot away (because I really want you to see it!) but lets just say there are more ninjas then you can shake and old Bruce Lee movie at. Hardcore action, plus plenty of T and A - its got everything you could want in a movie, live action or otherwise. For this epic tale, I give it an epic rating--Hold on to your seats-- For "Ninja Scroll" I give it the full amount I am allowed to give, which is five howls of pleasure. It's a great movie that you should see at least once!

And the last film to review this month is also celebrating a tenth anniversary: Kevin Smith's "Mall Rats". After two slackers get dumped by their girlfriends, they find themselves in their local mall. They must plot and plan carefully, if they want to get back into their ladies good graces-- as well as other things. There is also a cool cameo of Stan "The Man" Lee. It's safe to say that this is a film any 'Fanboy'can relate to. Oh, and did we mention the two masters of chaotic comedy, Jay and Silent Bob! Also star in the movie!

It's a good movie. The only down side is, most people who are not into the world of collecting comics, or who lack a weird sense of humor may not understand the under theme of the film. For "Mall Rats" I'll give three howls of pleasure!

Well, that's it from me this month. Remember, don't take my word on these movies, go out there and judge for yourself!

Until next time, I remain...
Movie Goer Grim

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