..Welcome to the New Year edition of the World of Myth! Check out what we have for you to kick off the New Year..check out the new stories, artwork and poems..........We give you what you want here at the...5th issue of the World Of Myth!...

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    Special Edition: Story of the Month

    Forcing down my fear somewhat, I turned off the water, dried my face and hands and then steeling myself, took a cautious step into the corridor. Beyond where the light fell from the just quitted room, there seemed only blackness. I attempted to call out once again, but my voice unexpectedly cracked, the resulting sound much like the cry of some small, stricken animal....Click Here for Terry D. Scheerer's To Dance with the Dead Part Two!

    Happy New Year! And welcome to the fifth issue of the "World of Myth". In this issue we have quite a few things in store for you.

    As a gift to you for this new year, we give you a brand new spanking section. Uh, sorry, I guess that's for the adult section. Here it is-- A brand 'spankin' new section! That's right, our newest creative splinter is entitled, "Interview with the Vamp-"... No wait, that's a movie. Oh, yeah, ours is creatively called "Interviews".

    Over in the Movie Reviews, see what Movie Goer Grim, gives FIVE HOWLS OF PLEASURE to!

    Then, we're bringing back the forum! This has been a fan favorite from the get go, but we've had to close it since the hacking back in October. So after being M.I.A. for almost three months, the Forum makes its return!

    Plus, for this month only, we are going beyond the regular polls and head straight into a full blown survey. This is in effort to learn more about the readers and their veiws, so we can continue to better entertain them. So just click on "Submit vote", to enter the survey page.

    In the F.Y.I. section, we're going to take a look at the latest info on the up and coming comic, "Underground to Nowhere."

    And let's not forget about the continuing contributors who put so much time into their work for your enjoyment.

    Speaking of enjoyment, this issue is our countdown to the special issue of "World of Myth," when the site will be converted into a "Underground to Nowhere" war zone, so keep your eyes peeled for that and as always...

    See why the fun never stops at the World Of Myth!..

    Story of the Month

    While any who know me personally, know of my near solitary background and untoward habits may attempt to pass off what I have to tell as a mere dream fantasy, or a nightmare perhaps brought about by my intense grief and an overly active imagination, I assure you that what I have to tell did, in fact, take place...Click Here for Terry D. Scheerer's To Dance with the Dead

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