Welcome back to F.Y.I.! In the coming months, we will be sneaking behind the scenes to dish up the info on the up and coming comic,"Underground to Nowhere". So this month, will will give you the basic rundown on the book -- Here we go!

Major Players: David K. Montoya (Creator, writer, penciler), Rebecca C. Lofgren (Inker), Eletrik Lettering (Letters), and Terry D. Scheerer (Editor/Cover artist)

Plot: New York City is no more! Years after a horrid air raid leaves most of Manhattan in ruins with thousands dead, the city is rebuilt by its new inhabitants known as the 'Nothings,' who are people with some sort of mutation as a side effect of the radiation from the bombings years earilier.

A clan of 'Nothings' known as the Vagas, seem to have control of the city, with help from the outside. Can the local police (The Enforcers) take back control of Nowhere?

Release Date: Early 2005.

The Scoop: At the time of this publication, the final script is finished and the first pages have been penciled. As well, Terry D. Scheerer and David K. Montoya have been kicking around ideas for what they are calling the cover to '1A.'

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