By: Edward Rodosek

Wherever I go,
a terrible crush,
hustling through a crowd,
nervous irritation,
wrath and cursing,
hurrying and pushing.

Come on! Hurry up!
Waste no time! Get a move on!
Give way, damn you!

My life is nothing but
a rough-and-tumble fight
struggle for success,
battling anyone,
against everyone.

Imprisoned in a madhouse
which I myself helped to raise
and voluntarily locked myself into.

But now I'm sick and tired
of this way of life.
I can't stand it any longer.
I want out – whatever the cost!

But the steel entrance
is shut and locked with a bolt;
I can't run away by any means;
I am stuck in here
for ever and ever.

All of a sudden
I hear a mocking voice
coming from the jail.
Who might be that sneerer?

I shudder when I realize.
I know that voice for sure;
that is – that is my voice,
my own laugh…

About the Author

Dr. Sc. Edward A. Rodosek is a Senior Professor in University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union. Beside his professional work, he writes fiction. Over one hundred of his short stories have appeared in SF magazines in USA, UK, Australia and India. Recently he published "Beyond Perception," a short story collection.
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