By: Sara Saint John

"Someone has to take care of me,"
The vampire says.
Hopeful, she watches by sunlight…
In darkness caters to his every whim.

But frustration builds…
To gather resistance.
Great black thunderclouds of emotion.
Together persistence.

Gouts of aggravation spew out her mouth.
Hateful words eat away at him like vitriol.

Nothing seems to help, her or him.
Small interludes of peace, even joy
Sour with the reminder that
Each dawn it starts again.

He promised to make her …
Big and strong.
Her Salvation a parasite cloaked
In pleasant disguise.

Vampire to be.
As damaged as he.
A leech: nothing but a leach.

(How much humanity remains in a vampire? The idea for this came to me while watching an angst-ridden vampire movie…which I love. Guess I was in a bad mood. ~Sara Saint John)

About the Author

Sara Saint John grew up reading the greats such as Poe, Lovecraft and the Brothers Grimm. She cut her teeth on the old Universal Horror flicks, along with Hammer films and anything starring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff or crafted by Val Lewton. These books and movies instilled in her a love for the dark side, but also an optimism that refuses to be quenched.

Sara also crafts paranormal romances about good vs. evil, horror and the healing power of love. Her novels BLOOD ATONEMENT and TRUST THE NIGHT may be ordered through , or any online or brick and mortar bookstore.

Sara may be found at, , and under the name Sarah Basore.

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