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  • Welcome to the 49th issue of The World of Myth.

    Welcome to the 49th issue of The World of Myth. We have a fun issue this month, so let's dive right in. First of all, I'd like to announce the category winners from issue #48, as determined by a majority vote from our readers. They are:

    Best Story: The Words & Deeds of Men - Parts 3 & 4 by Aaron E. Smith

    Best Art: Full Moon by Rebecca C. Lofgren

    Best Poem: To Find the Truth by Kevin Magnus

    June 2011 Member of the Month: Aaron E. Smith

    Congratulations to all the winners for June -11. Thanks to everyone who participated in the polls. Be sure to vote for your favorite category selections again this issue.

    First up in our Horror section, long time favorite, John Miller, treats us to Monsters in the Basement, a story that takes an unusual look at vampires.

    For Action/Adventure, Walter Geirsbach has penned Where's Old Bill Hughes? for your consideration. It's a tale that may very well cause you to reconsider your next sea cruise.

    The Science Fiction section features The Space Castaway by Edward Rodosek, who observes that there are more to the things that fall from the sky than we might think. Also here, you'll find Sandy Parsons' Doggone, a very different kind of alien abduction story.

    Fantasy fills this issue with several tales of imagination. Desert Nights and Bright Lights by Francis Tuohy is a story of an astronomer who witnesses the crash landing of a magic carpet. Aaron E. Smith continues his reader favorite, The Words and Deeds of Men - Part 5, which will leave you wanting more. Last but not least, Jerome Brooke presents Woman of the Hills, a short tale of Astartes the Divine.

    For your amusement, the Humor section showcases this issue's Selection of the Month. Dave Clark's According To Our Records, is a quirky tale of bureaucratic recordkeeping that is all too relatable.

    Poetry has a nice selection of entries in this issue - Leech by Sarah St. John, New Sun by Jerome Brooke, Disbelief by Rebecca C. Lofgren and Memories by Steve Bolin.

    The Art section delivers three outstanding illustrations this time around - Dark Fairy by Jessie Lindsay, Not Forgotten by Rebecca C. Lofgren and Warrior Woman by Mauricio Roldan. All your favorite columns have returned, along with a new one.- In Movie Reviews, Reaper Rick gives us his take on True Grit, The Crazies, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.- The Interview column probes the mind of Aaron E. Smith, a double-issue winner of our MoM award." Book Reviews is handled by Luna Lupine, who has recently read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson." In our Video Game Retrospective column, A Grue takes a look at Dungeon Keeper II, a game valued for its ability to mix humor with nastiness.- Edgar Ahlberg handles our newest column, Writing Woes, which is a serious attempt to help new authors break into the writing market. Trust me when I say that his advice about Submission Guidelines is spot on.

    While most magazines ignore the needs of its writers, TWoM fills them. TWoM is proud to host the services of ChickenScratch Editing for its contributors. Owned and operated by Robin Martinez, CSE is a new service that caters to the needs of budding wordsmiths who want to become even better at their craft. Having extensive work experience with writing and editing, Ms. Martinez holds a B.A. in English and a Masters in Library Science. CSE offers a variety of editing services at reasonable prices, and works with all types of writers including novelists, memoirists, and graduate students. Be sure to check out their website at the link provided below.

    Be sure to visit our Myth Mart and show your support for our site and our writers by purchasing a book by your favorite author or one of our TWoM back issues. We always appreciate your patronage.

    That's it for now. We've worked hard on this issue, so sit back and…


    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    Editor's Favorite Forum Comment:

    Author Comment

    Jun 20, 2011 - 1:57PM
    Video Game Retrospective

    A. Grue,

    Just wanted to send you well wishes for a speedy recovery! I hope that nothing was permanently damaged (other than your ego!)

    Really enjoyed this month's retrospective. What a cool looking game! I could see that you were really enjoying yourself!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I hope Papa Grue didn't ground you because of the stunts you tried to perform!
    Slepter Zephyr/A Grue

    Re: Video Game Retrospective

    Thank you for your support, as always.

    Selection of the Month

    "According to our records you're dead," said the man. He turned away from me to look again at the computer screen.
    "Well there must be some mistake," I said, "I'm clearly still alive."
    The official looked at me doubtfully...
    Click Here for Dave Clark's According to Our Records
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