By: Walter Giersbach

"That must have eased your mind, a damn fool story like that before we sail."

"Oh, stop. It gets better. The next incident, another ship went down off Spain in a storm on December 5th, 1956 and no survivors except a William Hughes."

"Bloody coincidence. Unless he's either a very old man or a very lucky guy or both."

"No wait, a third ship sank on December 5, 1967 near Jamaica."

"Don't tell me. William Hughes popped to the surface and the others didn't."

"How'd you know? Are you joshing?"

"Hold on now, I want you to meet someone. Yo, over here," I shouted.

My new pal and cruise mate toddled over and I introduced him to the Missus. "This's my friend I just met up the street. Bill, you never told me your last name."

"Hughes, William Hughes. Home based in Wales."

I stopped in my tracks and dropped the Missus's handbag. Something popped just then. "What's today's date?" I asked.

"Are you losing your marbles?" she says. "It's December 4th."

"Honey, I totally forgot our passports. We'll have to go back and fetch them."

"Why, I never," she screams. "You old fool. I told you to check to make sure you had everything!"

"You take care, Bill," I said. 'sorry about that, but we'll catch a plane down the way and be aboard before you know it."

It wasn't easy dragging the Missus back, but it was for her own good. I could've let her board alone, " told her I'd just misplaced my papers " but we've been together for 40 years and her with not a penny of insurance. What's the percentage in that, eh?

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