By: Edward Rodosek

If you've lost everything
and haven't got a brass farthing;
if you're burdened in depth;
if your sweetheart left you once and for all
and your own children consider you a pest;
if you've lost all your good friends;
and your doctor unaffectedly told you
that your cancer wasn't curable at all,
that your lifetime would end at Christmas �
then you must be careful. �

If then anybody asks you: �How're you doing?�
You have to answer: �Never better!�
with a broad smile on your face.
Or else the gang around you
would certainly beat you on the spot
or swallow you alive. �

What a blowout!
One less rival in a cut-throat competition
for survival... �

Then your pickled remnants
would be assorted for re-use
as absolutely nothing should be wasted �
� not even you.

About the Author

Dr. Sc. Edward A. Rodosek is a Senior Professor in University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union. Beside his professional work, he writes fiction. Over one hundred of his short stories have appeared in SF magazines in USA, UK, Australia and India. Recently he published �Beyond Perception,� a short story collection.
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