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  • About The World of Myth Magazine.

  • Welcome to the 48th issue of The World of Myth.

    We have lots of new stories, poems, artwork, and columns for you in this issue. In addition to that, we have some new positions available on our staff. Before I talk about those, let's first take a look at the category winners from April 2011, as selected by the majority vote of readers.

    Best Story: The Words and Deeds of Men by Aaron E. Smith

    Best Artwork: Lost in Thought by Mauricio Roldan

    Best Poem: Wedding Vows by Steve Bolin

    Member of the Month: Aaron E. Smith

    Congratulations to all our winners!

    Since we're on the topic of winners, this is a good time to announce that we're still giving away a free copy of TWoM Anthology II to two of our subscribers. The randomly selected winners are: Nelly Baquerizo and Holly Branham. To claim their prize, these winners need to write in from their e-mail address – which must match those we have on record – and provide a valid U.S. postal address. Winners may write me directly by no later than August 1, 2011.

    Now let's move on to the part you've been waiting for ' the stories, poems, artwork, and columns that makes TWoM the exciting magazine it is.

    In our Fantasy section, Aaron Smith returns with parts 3 & 4 of The Words and Deeds of Men. Continue to journey with Chendrelle as she fights for Simeon Kane's survival in the dying Fey woods. Afterwards, treat yourself to our Featured Selection, Can You Hear Me Now by David Montoya, as he explores the interesting results that occur when the supernatural combines with modern technology.

    The Horror section offers The Haunting of Mikhail Zotkin by S. Sadie Burbank. Here we find Mikhail Zotkin, a man working in the maintenance department of a hospital whose deceased patients haunt him mercilessly.

    Science Fiction finds David Clark performing a bit of testing on us with Mind/Body Experiment. Learn what happens when an ambitious researcher takes his experiment just a bit too far.

    Our Humor Department continues looking at the quirky side of life as Jerome Brooke reminds us that even the toughest guys suffer with a common problem in Prince of Blood. To round out this section, I submit Brotherly Love for your inspection, wherein age gains no advantage in sibling rivalry.

    Poetry has some satisfying prose. Choose from To Find the Truth by Kevin Magnus, Confirm or Die by Edward Rodosek, or Lady of the Circle by Jerome Brooke. Better yet, read them all. You'll be glad you did.

    Artwork is always a sure bet for something that's visually interesting. Full Moon by Rebecca Lofgren, Time for War by Slim Black, and Worm Wars by Jim Fuess.

    Our columnists return also ' well, most of them anyway. In Movie Reviews, Reaper Rick tells us about the recent flicks he's seen, The King's Speech, Black Swan, The Tourist, and more. Book Review columnist, Madeline Usher, gives us her report on The Outlander by Gil Adamson and a non-fiction book by Dr. Tyler R. Tichelaar called King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition. In the Interview column, the Myth Master cooks up a torture session with artist, William 'Slim' Black, but it's a meal that proves to be his last. Last but not least, A Grue brings us another Video Game Retrospective as he takes an in-depth look at the classic video game hit, Mega Man X.

    Speaking of columnists brings me to the last topic of interest to discuss. As I've mentioned, the Myth Master has bitten into some sour meat and will no longer be with us. Additionally, Madeline Usher meets an untimely demise in the Book Review column and her spirit will be reincarnated with a new body, name, and a new 'How to write' column beginning with our next issue. Because of these changes, we are looking for individuals who are interested in writing for both our Book Review and Interview columns. Both columns are open, so please send a letter of interest, writing sample, or resume to me as soon as possible.

    I believe I've covered everything. Now then, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair to curl up in and dive into the entertainment offered here.

    As always, enjoy your time reading!

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    Editor's Favorite Forum Comment:

    Author Comment
    Tombraider Aka Jenifer

    Apr 10, 2011 - 7:55PM
    Rebecca C. Lofgren's The Bull

    Man o Man, I havent been here in ages. TJ and Tiff told me that Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren was back, so I had to stop by the website and see for myself. I was surprised by the new look and feel of the site, which I really like! I've been a fan of Rebecca's poetry, but really never realized she did art as well, that is until today. Steve said in right when he said "For a splash of color" I really liked it, but I would loooooove to ream some new poetry!

    For old times sake... Gurl Power!

    Tombraider Aka Jenifer

    Apr 11, 2011 - 12:07AM
    Re: Rebecca C. Lofgren's The Bull

    Thanks I'm glad you liked it. Ya I've been drawing forever lol. As for poetry, I still write some from time to time. I working on a ton of different stuff right no so I can excitedly say you will see a LOT more of me here. I have a lot of artwork and a few poems ready and am working on a story I hope to submit towards the end of the year. So you can look forward to me being here consistently for a long while.

    Thanks for the support

    Rebecca C. Lofgren (Gurl Power)

    Featured Selection

    It was a cool evening in 1955, when Edward picked up his longtime girl friend Christine, from her modest suburban home. He was a twenty year old, who worked for his grandfather at a local gas station. She was a nineteen year old college student, and tonight they were off to Mickey's Dinner for a night of fast food, friends and fun...
    Click Here for David K. Montoya's Can You Hear Me Now?

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