By: Aaron E. Smith

The vulgar display lasted for some time, leaving Chendrelle with the impression that her words had done more harm than good. Simeon�s body was warm beneath her, coming closer to consciousness with every passing second. She grew fearful for him. They would not yield him to her now, no matter how strong he was.

Chendrelle was so focused on the pulse of Simeon�s steady heartbeat that she failed to notice the ground moving around her. The clamor of the Fey council was broken with the entrance of their dark sisters, who burst forth from the ground in a dark writhing mass. Chendrelle was pulled skyward by Tahletha, as a shiny black millipede with white milky eyes lashed out at her. The fat millipede hissed in disappointment at them as they took to higher ground.

The winged Fey hovered in disgust as all manner of Dark-Fey slithered and crawled from the ground. In the forms of snakes, reptiles, and giant insects they poured forth, exacting their dominance upon the council. When the gathering came to silence, the glossy black millipede crawled over to Simeon�s body, coiling its length across his chest. It looked upon him with wicked delight; it�s milky eyes shining in the moonlight.

�So true Sun-Daughter, so true. What a remarkable gift you have brought us. Let us open it before it spoils.�

To be continued�

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