By: David K. Montoya

�Well, I received numerous amounts of phone calls last night and all I could hear was loud static.� She explained. �You see I don't know who called, it could have been about my sick sister in Washington or... or a dear friend trying to get in touch after all these years.�

�I do apologize for that Miss Lincoln, let's see what I can do about that,� the lady on the other line said as she typed vigorously on her keyboard. �Okay, I can trace the calls that came in for this number last night, but that will take a few moments. Is that all right?�

�Oh yes dear that's completely fine,� Christine said with a sense of satisfaction. She knew that it would not be much longer until all her questions would be answered. The old lady sat and listened quietly as the operator click away on her keyboard, and then without warning the clicking stopped.

�That's weird,� the lady on the other line said.

�What's that dear?� Asked Christine.

�Well Miss Lincoln, I was able to locate the origin of the calls... and well, there's no phone service out there,� The lady explained with a hint of confusion to her voice.

�So it's not out of Washington?�

�No mam, it was made here locally.�

�Thank heavens, I was worried it was about my sister,� Christine said and then paused for a moment and worked up the nerve and asked her next question. �Where did the calls come from dear?�

�Ummm... Miss Lincoln I don't believe you'd believe me if I told you,� the lady on the other line said, nervously.

�After the night I just had, dear, try me.�


It was a warm morning when a bus pulled into a local cemetery. Christine was helped into her wheelchair and then lowered down a hydraulic ramp. Her stomach turned as she glanced around the old graveyard; it brought back many painful memories.

�The last time I was here dear was when we buried my Edward,� Christine said to the young orderly who guided her through the cemetery. �That was in 195... that was over fifty years ago.�

The young orderly did not respond, but continued to navigate Christine to her desired destination. Until they came upon a lone headstone which rested beneath a large willow tree, they both gasped when the two women saw a single loose telephone wire draped over the tree and lead straight into the ground exactly where Edward's remains rested.


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