By: David K. Montoya

The voice in the background did not answer and the phone line went dead. Christine was concerned that it was an important call; her sister Julianne�s health had declined in recent weeks and perhaps it was bad news which concerned her. Christine called for the young orderly, who walked into her with a tired smile and warm eyes, �Yes Miss Lincoln, what do you need Hun?�

�My dear, has anyone called for me at the Nurse's station, tonight?�

�No, Miss Lincoln, it has been quiet all evening. Not one single phone call,� the orderly replied with a soft tone to her words.

Christine sighed with frustration, �Do you know if the telephone company can trace a call already made?�

�Yes, they can tell you who made the call and at what time,� the orderly replied.

�Good, in the morning we will call the phone company and find out who keeps calling me.�

�All right Miss Lincoln, we can do that in the morning, but right now you need to get some sleep,� the orderly said as she stepped out the room.

�All right dear. Good night,� Christine said. She reached over and picked up the receiver and placed it down next to the base. The old lady smiled inward at the thought of not being disturbed for the rest of the night. �I should�ve thought of this hours ago.�

Christine chuckled to herself at her brilliance as she lain back down and covered herself up. �Yes indeed. Should have thought of this earlier.�


It was several hours later when Christine awoke to the ringing of the telephone. She sat up in bed and stared in bewilderment as the phone rang although the receiver was off the hook. Christine did not know what to do, she thought to herself that perhaps this was all some sort of bizarre dream. But, the old lady knew good and well that she was wide awake.

Finally Christine gathered enough courage and grabbed the receiver and brought it up to her ear once again.

�Hello... who is this?� Christine asked, this time her words laced with fear and anxiousness.

The line crackled and popped, but not as loud as it had with the previous calls. Finally Christine heard someone say �...You...�

�Say again, you cut out,� She said.

�...You made�� Then once again the call was dropped, but Christine continued and listened on the phone.

Christine recognized the voice on the other line and listened intently for him to return to his call. Eventually after a few moments of waiting, Christine softly spoke into the receiver, �Edward? Eddy my darling, is that you?�

She waited for a reply, but it did not come. Tired and confused Christine placed the phone back on the receiver and hoped that would allow for another call. The old woman sat up in her bed as she stared intensively at the small black phone. Her eyes moved to her alarm clock which read 6:44 am.

There should be people at the phone company there by now who can help me, Christine thought to herself as she picked up the entire phone and brought it into bed with her. Christine glared down at the phone for a few more moments before she picked up the receiver and placed a call.

�Good morning, this is Ellen, how may I help you, today?� The voice on the other end of the line asked.

�Hello? Hello? My name is Christine Lincoln and I would like to report a problem with the phone line,� Christine said excitedly.

�Okay Miss Lincoln, what seems to be the problem with your line?�

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