By: David K. Montoya

�Okay Miss Lincoln; if you need anything, don't hesitate to call,� the orderly said as she stepped out of the room closing the door behind her.

Christine lain back down and pulled the blankets to her chin. She tried to force her thoughts to a happier time, but they continued to return to the night of her lover's tragic death. She thought of the boy who drove the car that killed Edward, his name was Samuel Hanover who was friends with both Edward and Christine. He was on his was to meet up with them to show off his new '55 Sportster his father bought for him as a graduation present, but as he came upon his friend's old red pickup Samuel tried to slow down, but the brakes did not work and crashed into his friend's vehicle at fifty miles per hour.

Christine's thoughts returned to her as a telephone which rested on a side-table next to her bed began to ring.

Who in the world would call me this time of the night, Christine thought to herself as she reached through the side bed rails to get to the phone.

�Hello?� She answered.


�Hello?� Christine answered again, but this time with more authority.


�If you do not answer me right this minute, I'm gonna hang up,� Christine demand.


That was the only thing Christine heard before the phone line went dead.

�Damn kids and their prank calls,� Christine roared as she slammed the phone down on the receiver. �Don't they realize that old people need to sleep, too!�

Christine heaved a sigh and lain back down; her thoughts ran on how she'd love to deliver punishment on such irreverent juveniles. If I would have had children of my own, they wouldn't have been so disrespectful, Christine thought to herself.

�They would have been perfect angels,� Christine softly said to herself. She tugged the blankets back to her chin and rolled over to her side and thought of what life would have been like with her beloved Edward. A warm comfort covered her at the thought of a different life, a life of happiness, children and love and before Christine realized it, she was fast asleep as she dreamed of her perfect world.


Christine's bloodshot eyes opened to the loud ring of the telephone. She looked over at an electric alarm clock which rested next to the phone; it read 3:31 am

Christine hissed as she snatched up the receiver and said, �Hello?�

There was no answer on the other end of the phone line, only a loud static sound. Christine listened for a few moments, before she said, �Hello? Can you hear me, hello?�

The line continued to crackle with static, Christine thought she heard a faint voice on the other end of the phone, but could not make out what the person had said. Finally, tired and frustrated Christine said, �I can't hear you, if this is important then call back in the morning.�

The faint voice lost in the loud static appeared to talk faster, but it was no use Christine was unable to understand the person and hung up the phone. No sooner did she have the receiver placed atop the telephone's base than it began to ring once more. The weary old woman lifted the receiver once again and brought it to her ear.

�H-hello,� Christine said faintly. Much like before there was no clear voice, only one that was drowned in the static. �I can't hear you. Please... please call back in the morning.�

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