By: David K. Montoya

It was a cool evening in 1955, when Edward picked up his longtime girl friend Christine, from her modest suburban home. He was a twenty year old, who worked for his grandfather at a local gas station. She was a nineteen year old college student, and tonight they were off to Mickey's Dinner for a night of fast food, friends and fun.

Christine's eyes lit up when Edward pulled into her driveway. How could she not be attracted by his James Dean looks? His cherry red, 1946 three quarter ton Chevrolet pickup sputtered as it came to a stop. Inside she saw Edward had a warm, welcoming smile for her. When he stepped out from the driver's side of the vehicle, Christine ran to him and, without hesitation, wrapped her arms firmly around her lover and placed a hungry kiss on his mouth.

�Oh, I missed you, Eddy,� Christine said after releasing her embrace.

�I miss you too, sweetie; but, it's only been a few days since we saw each other,� Edward said.

A big smile rose on her lips and then she wrapped her arms around Edward once more and said, �Oh, baby, but it felt like weeks apart.�

Christine stared into Edward's eyes with a sultry look. There was a brief moment of silence before Edward asked, �What's going on in that pretty head of yours?�

�I don't think I could live with you not in my life... Promise me that you'll never leave me.�

�You think too much, Crissy,� Edward responded with a smile of his own.

Christine dropped her arms from around her lover and slowly moped away. Edward quickly realized he had done something wrong; he abruptly ran over to Christine, he grabbed her by the arms and stared hard into her green eyes before he asked, �What? What did I say that was wrong, Crissy?�

�I was serious about what I said, Edward. I want you to promise me that you'll never leave me.�

�Christine Anne Lincoln, I love you more than life itself and promise I will never leave you. Even when we are angels at the gates of Heaven, we will continue to be together... Together forever and ever,� Edward declared to Christine and then placed a passionate kiss of his own to her lips. �Now, can we go get something to eat? I'm starved.�

�Of course,� Christine said behind her bright smile.

Edward walked her to the passenger's side of his pickup and opened the door for her.

�After you ma lady,� Edward said then helped Christine inside.

�Why, thank you, good sir,� Christine said in her best mock southern accent.

Edward ran around to the other side of the truck and got into the driver's seat, �Oh, and I hear tonight Mickey is having a special on Sloppy Joes.�

�What is it with you and food, Eddy? You should weigh five hundred pounds with as much as you eat,� Christine said, while she watched Edward grinned the clutch into reverse.

�I don't know. I'm just a big fan of good food,� he said with a wink.

�All I know is if I ate as much as you, I'd be the size of a hous��

Christine was interrupted as a speedster viciously collided into the side of Edward's pickup as will way half off the driveway. The impact forced Christine's into Edward which drove his head through the window. Blood erupted as shards of glass penetrated his neck. The last thing Christine remembered afterward was when she screamed out...


�...Edward!� Christine cried out as she set up in her bed. Tears traveled the lines of her face, she quickly realized it was a horrible dream about the saddest day in her seventy-four years of life.

�Miss Lincoln, are you all right?� an orderly asked as she rushed into the room.

Christine did not reply right away, she glanced around her tiny nursing home room.

�Y-yes. Yes, my dear, I only had a bad dream,� Christine muttered to the orderly.

�Is there anything I can get you?�

�No, no child. Just let me get back to sleep,� she replied softly to the young lady in the doorway.

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About the Author

A writer, artist and entrepreneur, David K. Montoya began work in comics, but is recognized for his short-stories, which incorporates elements of horror, science fiction, mystery, and satire. Montoya is best known for The End, a series tale of an apocalyptic age ruled by a great plague and zombie-like creatures. More info can be found at:�
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