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  • Welcome to the 47th issue of The World of Myth.

    Welcome to the 47th issue of The World of Myth. We have a lot to cover, so let's get started.

    First, I would like to direct your attention to our forum section. Readers will find that it is now ad-free and will remain so until further notice. Please be sure to stop by and leave a comment for your favorite contributor. Next, I'd like to announce the release of The World of Myth Anthology II, now available in the Myth-Mart. Packed with a multitude of stories, covering numerous genres, our second anthology has something for everyone. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we'd like to begin by giving away a free copy to two of our subscribers. The selected randomly winners are: Destiny West and Lisa Avila. To claim their prize, these winners need only to write in from their e-mail address ' which must match those we have on record ' and provide a valid U.S. postal address. Winners may write me directly by no later than June 1, 2011.

    Speaking of winners, let's move on to the selections that readers voted for in our last issue. The category winners for February 2011 are:
    Best Story: Ghost Reader by Barry Basore
    Best Art: Alchemical Reaction by Jessy Lindsay
    Best Poem: Catpeople by Theresa Newbill
    Member of the Month: Barry Basore

    This month we have a fresh crop of stories, art and poems to vote on. To begin with, newcomer Aaron E. Smith brings us the beginning of a multi-part fantasy tale, The Words & Deeds of Men. Here, a man named Simeon Kane seeks refuge in an ancient fey forest, only to find that the newfound sanctuary comes with an ancient secret and an unfathomable price. Mr. Smith's story has been chosen as April's Selection of the Month.

    Next up, R.J. Newlyn offers Planet Earth is Blue in our Action section. This story is told in bite size chapters and concerns an individual with unique abilities, travelling to exotic locations. However, his trips often involve more much running and hiding than they do sightseeing.

    T.G. Browning favors us with a double dose of submissions this issue. In Science Fiction, The Strip weaves a short tale of an ambitious young man who sees a city with a need and fills it. In the Humor section, Old Wooden Cross concerns the mysterious appearance and disappearance of a wooden cross.

    In our Horror section, Walter Giersbach writes Rosetta Stone, a short-short wherein a young man attempts to win a woman's heart via the language of romance. Afterwards, head over to Ron Koppelberger's Breach and satisfy your bloodlust with this interesting creature feature.

    Our poetry section reveals a range of diversity this issue. Indulge your appetite for poetic prose with Lost Souls by Erica Martin or After a Statue of Pan by Bruce Boston. Last but not least, I offer a poem of romance called Wedding Vows.

    Artwork continues with the usual flair of talent. In this issue, we have two black and white drawings, Lost in Thought, by Mauricio Roldan and Old School Showdown by Slim Black. For a splash of color, look no further than The Bull by Rebecca C. Lofgren or The Tree of Life by Jessie Lindsay.

    Our columnists are hard at work as well. Reaper Rick writes up a thorough Movie Review column, reporting on flicks such as Centurion, Pandorum, Predators and more. Madeline Usher finds a bit of reprieve from her brother in her Book Review column and talks about her latest read, Genesis, by Bernard Beckett. Of course, the devilish Myth Master is busy torturing another soul in his Interview column. This time he probes long time contributor, Rebecca C. Lofgren, for answers to his dark questions. A Grue, still recovering from his lobotomy in last issue's Interview column, was recently released from hospitalization and somehow managed to write a Video Game Retrospective column on the classic hit, Duke Nukem II.

    Be advised that we switched to a new polling system last issue but it was a bit glitchy. While we hope to have resolved the technical difficulties, please bear with us as the dust settles on this new system. The best way to test this feature is to vote for your favorite artists, poets and storytellers in the polls available with every contribution. Your feedback highly valued by our contributors.

    Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy our magazine.

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    Editor's Favorite Forum Comment:

    Author Comment

    Feb 22, 2011 - 6:01PM
    Interview with A Grue

    Myth Master,

    Another well job done!

    You gave A Grue a very nice lobotomy! Hope he still has enough of his brains left to make his next video game review.

    I wonder who will be your next victim?

    Myth Master

    Mar 15, 2011 - 5:34AM
    Re: Interview with A Grue

    Dear Jennie,

    It always makes me giggle with delight that someone enjoys my work. As to my next victim..well now..I never let them know I'm coming..

    Myth Master

    Selection of the Month

    Simeon Kane scanned the hillside for pursuit. There was none, yet. From his position, he could see that hiding was not an option. The brush and trees that dotted the eastern edge of the village weren�t enough to provide cover. Not that it would matter. The trail of blood he left behind would be easy to follow after the battle was done...
    Click Here for Aaron E. Smith's The Words and Deeds of Men - Part One
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