By: Kevin Magnus

Go ahead and run,
Flee far away in to the sun.
But know we’ll track you down,
Follow your scent to the smallest town.
We’ll find you where you hide,
And then take you on a long dark ride.
Prepare for the three levels of hell,
And what painful stories we have to tell.
Know that without mercy we will track you down.
Shred your soul and feed it to our hound.
You can never be free from this,
Your only release is death’s kiss.
For we are the hunters of this day,
And you are nothing more then our prey!

About the Author

Kevin Magnus has been a poet for almost seven years and has been a contributor to The World of Myth since issue number one. After taking a short hiatus to find his purpose in life, he returns and looks to begin a new trek with brand new and better poetry.
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