By: Jezzy Wolfe

Midnight matinee
Me and the tub of popcorn
Awaiting a thrill

Five other people
Like me - anticipating
Hope it doesn't suck

The lights go dark and
Everyone stops talking
It's time for the show!

The blood starts early
Three blondes get their heads chopped off
The bodies piled up

The audience screams
When the killer shows himself...
Hey! What was that noise?

In the dark I see
Something moving down the aisle
A shifting shadow

Then a muffled scream
Somewhere in the theater
Interrupts the show

But no one reacts
I'm the only one who sees
The monster that lurks

I scream "Save yourselves!"
They all ignore my warnings
Eyes glued to the screen

So I drop my snacks
And crawl on the dirty floor
Making my escape

"Screw this!" I mumble
Sliding fast on my belly
Then the lights come on

The monster is gone
When the movie ends - but the
Real horror begins...

Five other people
Throats slit wide and eyes gouged out
Are all that's left now.

About the Author

Jezzy Wolfe’s stories have appeared in Twisted Tongue, Morpheus Tales, Graveside Tales’ Harvest Hill, and Choate Road’s Knock Knock, Who’s There? …Death! A founding member of Choate Road, she previously co-hosted BlogTalkRadio shows, The Funky Werepig and Pairanormal. She lives in Virginia with her family. And way too many ferrets.
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