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  • Welcome to the 46th issue of The World of Myth.

    Do you know what the most frightening holiday is besides Halloween? Well, in my humble opinion it is Valentine’s Day. Think about it: you have the color red splash around everywhere you look, stylized hearts beating in your ears, and out of control passions threatening destruction. Not to mention the somewhat checkered history of the day--an early Christian man is martyred for illegally marrying Roman couples? At least, that is one version of the story.

    At any rate, there is no better place to spend this questionable holiday than right here at The World of Myth. We have a cavalcade of havoc for you this month. Let’s dive in, shall we?

    In our horror section we have a bloody Valentine to serial killers everywhere in Terry D. Scheerer’s “Memories.” On the other side of the spectrum in humor, Scott D. Hughey gives us a uniquely funny perspective on a classic Greek myth in “Sisyphus Returns.”

    Dave Clark imagines the Earth’s reaction to finding life on another planet in his science fiction offering “First Signs of Life.” “Completion” by Edward Rodesek, will have you thinking long and hard about creation stories. And, rounding out the Sci-fi section is Steve Bolin’s “United,” which questions what all of our so called “natural” disasters might mean.

    Romance does make a shy appearance in our Fantasy section with Barry Basore’s “Ghost Reader,” while in Action/Adventure newcomer, Charles A. Hobbs, gets on the scent with “Fly by Night.”

    Theresa Newbill returns to our Poetry section with her piece, “Catpeople.” We are also reprinting the complete “Thirteen Haikus and a Midnight Movie Massacre” by Jezzy Wolfe as the full poem was not available in our last issue. Kevin Magnus will have your heart pounding with his poem “The Hunters of Prey.”

    Beauty and skill come together in our art section. Jim Fuess’ abstract painting of Neptune, Jesse Lindsay’s “Alchemical Reaction,” and Ron Koppelberger’s “Native Feather” will have you sighing in awe.

    Moving on to our columns we have Reaper Rick giving us the skinny on old and new movies worth a peek. Our psychopathic interviewer, the one and only Myth Master, has lured A Grue into his awful lair and the results will terrify as well as enlighten you.

    Madeline Usher gives us her suggestions for what we should read while hiding from a bloodthirsty maniac and A Grue--just before his fateful meeting with the Myth Master—makes another hilarious and informative video game retrospective.

    Before I close, I would like to announce the winners of December 2010’s reader’s choice awards:

    Best Poem – “The Long Wait” by Kevin Magnus
    Best Artwork – “Persephone and Cerberus” by Whitney Mattila
    Best Story – “The Conquest of Earth” by T.G. Browning

    Our member of the month is A Grue. And, finally, our two winners for the TWoM anthology are Yvonne Carter and Tyler Tichelaar, who have until March 31st to claim their prize by e-mailing our Editor-in-Chief, Steve Bolin (please include a valid U.S. address for shipping purposes).

    Also, you will notice we have new polling format. The staff of TWoM believes this change will provide a higher degree of accuracy and reliability. So, make sure to make your voice heard and vote!

    Congrats to our winners and many thanks to all who contributed. We look forward to reading more of your gruesome, horrid, humorous, frightening, and beguiling submission in the months to come.

    Edgar Ahlberg
    Associate Editor & Book Reviewer

    Editor’s Favorite Forum Comment:

    Author Comment

    Oct 11, 2010 - 11:16AM
    RJ Newlyn's End of Days

    Hello Mr. RJ,

    I just finish your story End of Days it reminds me of reading Revolations in the bible and thinking what if? I thought the way you told the story was grand and hope to see more of this story unfold.

    Also I wanted to ask you is this the first to a story or is there other parts to it that I have missed. I just recently found this website so I do know if you have put out other parts to this story.

    Rob Newlyn

    Dec 7, 2010 - 3:18PM
    Re: RJ Newlyn's End of Days

    Hi. I'm sorry for the long delay in replying - I hadn't been following this forum and have only just come across the comment.

    End of Days is a complete story at the moment, although I'd like to develop it somehow. And yes it's meant to be apocalyptic with echoes of Revelations, although developed into something less sure of itself as I was writing. The rest of my writing is fairly similar - seeing how far reality can be bent without losing coherence. I contribute stories with 200-word chapters on the following website: so do come and visit anytime. I've also a novel doing the rounds and a second in preparation.

    Thanks very much for your interest

    Selection of the Month

    Sisyphus, betrayer of Zeus, rolled the boulder up the hill again only to watch it roll down. Again. He heard laughter. Sometimes the gods came to taunt him. At least it broke up the monotony. Sisyphus sighed and trudged down the hill...
    Click Here for Scott D. Hughey's Sisyphus Returns
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