By: Scott D. Hughey

Sisyphus, betrayer of Zeus, rolled the boulder up the hill again only to watch it roll down.  Again.  He heard laughter. Sometimes the gods came to taunt him. At least it broke up the monotony. Sisyphus sighed and trudged down the hill.

Today it was Hercules heckling him.  Too fatigued to make an outward acknowledgement, Sisyphus smiled inwardly. He’d been waiting for someone like the demigod to come along.

“What brings the mighty son of Zeus to my hill?” he managed.

“Finish the task, mortal!”

“It can’t be done.”

“Not by you!” Hercules laughed.

“Nor by you, to hear Zeus tell it.”

“My father?”

Sisyphus nodded, pushing the boulder.

“What did my father say?” Hercules demanded. Sisyphus only grunted in reply as he struggled with the rock. Hercules brow crumpled with rage. “Answer me, mortal, or we will learn how well you finish the task with broken legs.”

“Too heavy,” Sisyphus strained to explain.

“Bah!” Hercules’ took the rock from him and continued up the hill.

“Now explain yourself,” he said. Surprisingly, even he struggled under the weight.

“I’m doing him a favor.  Zeus gave me this task to spare your feelings.”

Hercules reached the top with the heavy stone. It rolled back down the hill.

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About the Author

Scott D. Hughey is a writer of speculative fiction. His work has appeared in various publications including Flashes in the Dark, Weird Year, Micro Horror and He is currently writing his first science fiction novel. During the day, Scott is an IT Field Support Engineer.
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