End of Days
By: RJ Newlyn


Sitting in the ruins of the hospital, I wait for the world to end. The rain has diminished to a soft drizzle and the first signs of a grey dawn delineate the crumbling walls.

There was a hail of gunfire shortly after I brought the Director down, but my legions formed around me and gave pursuit. I am left alone now, the war grumbling on but my role in it ended at last. The mouth of the pit into which I cast my enemy has closed for eternity, the crumpled body he occupied is sprawled across its lid.

All that’s left is to find you.

Early the next morning, I’m wandering across “our” park when I notice a newspaper lying there. “Hospital chief’s murderer killed in police battle” runs the headline over my picture. It can’t be right because I’m still here – clearly even now the lies continue, but they warned us about Babylon.

At long last the heavens are beginning to open, the clouds rent by rays of blinding light. On the other side of the park, I can just make out the celestial city with its river of crystal flowing towards me.

We’ll be together – not long now.

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