SHE by Julie Young


By: Julie Young

I never knew her,
but I touched her.
I never saw her,
but I felt her.
I never held her,
but I loved her.

Like an annual she bloomed for one season

When the winter chill filled the air, her life was taken.

Like millions of others, she disappeared into our hearts.

In the morning, she sprinkles glitter upon our souls.

Then skips among the clouds.
So that when we wake, we will not feel alone.

By midday
the warmth from her body allows our minds to rest.

When the day passes
she paints the flaming rainbow that fills the dark sky.

If you gaze upon the moon, you can hear her giggle.
Like a star her laughter fills the night.

Time passes…

A tiny spark of life is seen
as the cold that whisked her breath away
is now replaced by gentle spring.

The crackle of the thunder reminds us of our fears.

She is gone.

When we gaze upon the dark

we see a smiling light
which tells us she is whispering
a sweet kiss good night.

About the Author

Julie Young was inspired to write this poem after reading about a young girl who had died of a terminmal illness. Gloria Redfield Riggs, Julie's mother, is an award winning artist. They have collaborted on many projects.
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