Letting Go by Kevin Magnus


Letting Go
By: Kevin Magnus

I always thought when the time came I could let go,
But after I saw you tonight I knew it wasn't so.
Sadness flooded over me, while you were in the hospital bed,
You had lost your hair and wore a cap to cover your head.
I noticed the color was gone from your once sun darkened skin,
And surround in darkness in a comfortable state of Zen.
I don't want to lose you, but I know that I must,
Because the thing we call life is not fair or just.
So if you have to go to a better place
That will put a smile back on your face,
Then I love you and will say, "Good-bye,"
But when you're gone even this dark soul will cry.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a senior contributor to the site. He was one of the first poets to contribute in the first issue of “The World of Myth”. Now into what he feels his PRIME, Magnus attempts to produce the best possible pieces for this magazine!
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