...Welcome to our 43rd Anniversary Issue!!! Enjoy this months as we celebrate The World of Myth's 6th Birthday, with Double features...... of the new stories, artwork, poems, and a little bit of everything...So come join in on the fun!!! ...The World of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World of Myth

    Hello and welcome to the sixth anniversary issue of The World of Myth Magazine! My name is L. Alan Russo Jr., and I am the new owner as well as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Dark Myth Production Studios. I am here to introduce this special issue to you , our great fans. So let us see what treats we have for you in this issue.

    First up, in our Fantasy section, we have T.G. Brown's new story about life and death and the secrets in between which takes place in valley of the fourth trickster. Next up is the Devil's favorite demon, Terry D. Scheerer as he takes us on a dark ride in the life of a seemingly ordinary man in “The Last Dance.”

    Rounding our horror selection is our favorite southern-bell, Sara Saint John, as she weaves us a tale of the of west with a bit our a spin that perhaps our history books may have left out in “Two Gun Pete and a Bucket of Blood.” Then we hop over to the Action-Suspense area where newcomer RJ Newlyn shares with us about the life of “The Horseman.”

    Then if you are ready for a good chuckle, our special guest—Dark Myth Publications' new Editor in Chief—Kyle Dobbs, whips up a cute little fable about three siblings and where their mischief takes them in, “Brotherly Love.”

    Oh, and let's not forget about Dave's story (boy, I bet that's weird for him not being called Mr. Montoya anymore), a continuing western he started called, “Thirteen Tombstones.”

    For poems, Kevin Magnus and Theresa Newbill return with their own unique poetic expressions with a first time contributor Julie Young. Welcome to The World of Myth, Julie!

    In our ART GALLERY, we have some hot art for all of you! First is former Horrotica Alumni, Jesse Lindsay with his awesome work called, “Valley of the Dark Magi” which I also selected to be this issue's cover! Then another newcomer to the pages of The World of Myth is Gloria Redfield Riggs with her gorgeous painting and welcome aboard to you as well Gloria! If that wasn't enough, Mauricio Roldan offers up not one, but two , mesmerizing pieces called “Tempted” and “The Hunter Became the Hunted.” Rounding out this issue is Rebecca C. Lofgren with her Sin in the City—very cool stuff!

    In our Interview Section this issue, published author and business entrepreneur John “JAM” Miller sits down with our Myth Master, to talk about his novel and how they came about, as well as some professional details of his busy life.

    Our Featured Author this month is prolific horror writer Dean Koontz, and his latest Frankenstein novel, "Lost Souls" is reviewed in the Book Review section.

    And, if we haven't worn you out, yet, stop by to read our Movie Reviews and the Commentary as I yap about taking over Dark Myth.

    All right! That's about it for this month. Next month, we will have a Special Haunted Halloween Issue, filled with not only our regular contributors, but also some old friends of the magazine are returning once again! What else could you want with that other than a issue jammed packed with ghost stories, interviews with myself, and all sorts of other things that go 'Bump' in the night. We have it all. Don't miss it!


    Lawrence Alan Russo Jr.
    Chairman and CEO
    Dark Myth Production Studios
    The World of Myth Magazine

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    When the hurricane struck, there was little that could stand in its path. Fleeing from my collapsing house, I saw my father’s fishing boat hurled high over the boardwalk, smashing to matchwood a good hundred yards up Main Street. Many were lost that night... Click Here for RJ Newlyn's The Horseman

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