Brotherly Love By: Kyle D. Dobbs


Brotherly Love
By: Kyle D. Dobbs

During the summer of 1967–July 23–the day was miserably hot and humid in the little town of Rocky, Oklahoma; two brothers, David and Andrew, and their little sister, Savannah, were sitting in the living room, listening to a space story on the big-box-radio. As they continued listening to the story, David looked back to check on their little sis to see how she was responding.

"Hey, Andrew, check out Savanna-the-Banana."

Looking back, Andrew noticed Savannah imitating an astronaut; he looked back to David, who was looking out toward the washer and dryer. "You're not thinking what I think you're thinking. Are you?"

David had the sinful grin of a devil with mischief running through his tiny mind; he replied, "Go to our closet and find my football padding and helmet, we'll get some fun out of this."

As Andrew went to find the gear, David walked over to Savannah and asked, "So, sis, do you really wanna be an astronaut?"

With her angelic smile, the brightness of innocence, Savannah replied, "Uh-huh."

"Well, if that's the case, then you'll have to go through a lot of training starting this very minute."


"Oh, yes; astronauts begin their training before they even start school. So, if you really wanna be an astronaut, you'll have to start today–right now."

"Well, don't just stand there, Davey Cricket, lets get started!"

David took Savannah to his bedroom where Andrew was waiting to see what was going to take place next. "Okay, sis, to protect you from the G-force, you'll have to wear my gear."

As David and Andrew got their sis prepared to go where no li'l sis had gone before– Savannah didn't have a clue of what was coming her way.

"Now, Savannah, go to mom and give her a solute. We'll meet you outside at the laundry center," says Andrew.

Watching their sis fight the laws of gravity as she made her way to the kitchen, the two fought the laws of laughter. To avoid destroying this big idea, the two worked their way around the house to the other side to steer clear of crossing their mother–she always knew when they were up to something no good.

Savannah went by her mom and said, "Hey, mommy, I'm going to the moon."

Keeping herself busy, washing the dishes, the mother replied, "That's nice dear; tell me how your journey ends."

Savannah gave her mom the scout solute and marched to the door to enter the domain of the next generation of astronauts. Swinging her arms like that of John Wayne walking into a fight at a Bar, she showed the tiger growling in her tiny figure. Reaching the door, she fought the laws of physics as her arms worked their hardest to reach the knob; standing on her tiptoes, she battled against Mother Nature's force that kept her from opening the forty-two inch by seventy-eight inch wooden object standing in her way.

Hearing the noise being made, the mother came and simply watched her little daughter fight this battle. Leaning against the wall, she laughed as the youngster put her tiny muscles to use dragging a chair up to the door. Finally, the structure was opened; the mother gave an applause and returned to the kitchen.

As savannah worked her way to the laundry machines, David and Andrew bit their tongues to avoid laughing.

"Shush! She's almost here," David said.

Savannah got up to the boys and called out, "Okay, let me have it! I want it now!"

"Hold your horses, Banana; you need to get warmed up first," David said.

"Yeah, otherwise you're likely to explode in mid air," Andrew clarified.

"Well, what do I need to do to get warmed up?"

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About the Author

Kyle Dobbs a once known artist turned writer and editor is an Oklahoma resident, who enjoys the simple things and his Labrador.
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