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TITLE:Frankenstein : Lost Souls
Author: Dean Koontz

New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz brings his fertile imagination and unparalleled storytelling abilities to one of the most timeless—and terrifying—creations in all of fiction: the legend of Frankenstein. In Lost Souls, Koontz puts a singular twist on this classic tale of ambition and science gone wrong and forges a new legend uniquely suited to our times—a story of revenge, redemption, and the razor-thin line that separates humanity from inhumanity as we consider a new invitation to apocalypse. The work of creation has begun again, only now things will be different. Victor Leben, once Frankenstein, has not only seen the future—he’s ready to populate it using stem cells, “organic” silicon circuitry, and nanotechnology, he will engender a race of superhumans—the perfect melding of flesh and machine. With a powerful, enigmatic backer eager to see his dream come to fruition and a secret location where the enemies of progress can’t find him, Victor is certain that this time, nothing and no one can stop him. It is up to five people to prove him wrong; in their hands rests nothing less than the survival of humanity itself. They are drawn together in different ways, by omens sinister and wondrous, to the same shattering conclusion: Two years after they saw him die, the man they knew as Victor Helios lives on. Detectives Carson O’Connor and Michael Maddison; Victor’s engineered wife, Erika 5, her companion, Jocko, and the original Victor’s first creation, the tormented Deucalion, have all arrived at a small Montana town where their old alliance will be renewed—and tested—by forces from within and without, and where the dangers they face will eclipse any they have yet encountered. Yet, in the midst of their peril, love will blossom, and they will discover sources of strength and perseverance they could not have imagined. For a monumental battle is about to commence that will require all their ingenuity and courage, as it defines what we are to be—and if we are to be at all.

In Lost Souls, it all works, but just as in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, just as the characters are basically suiting up for battle, the book ends. I'm not saying this to spoil it, only to warn you this is chapter 4 of a series, or possibly part 1 of a second series. If you go in knowing that, you'll enjoy the book much more. I'll definitely pick up book 5, no question. It really is a fun read, but knowing that this is a further part of the series, I'd suggest getting books 1-3 before reading Lost Souls. By the time you're done with all four parts, part 5 should be on the way!

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