Valley of the Dark Magi BY: Jesse Lindsay


Valley of the Dark Magi
By: Jesse Lindsay


About the Artist

Jesse Lindsay is a freelance artist, designer, writer and film maker, currently living in Portland, OR, after traveling around the country for about 7 years. Jesse's work can be seen in various books, album covers, videos and much more, and at or

A large selection of prints and shirts is often available, all of which are had made by the artist, and/or one of the many minions who work in the "studio", 24 hours a day, living in the dark off of nothing but fear and bread crust. The studio is located about 6 miles under ground and is considered a "death trap" by local law enforcement and condemned by religious authorities.

When not painting or making things, most of the artists time is spent researching ancient rituals, metaphysics, pusdo-pharmacology and various aspects the human psyche. Jesse also collects antique medical/dental gear, religious artifacts, horror movies, video games and dilapidated cats. Some times the toaster tells me to do things, but most of the time, it just makes toast. I also own a small (but growing) collection of cursed statues, one of which is some kind of asian cat demon (I think) and it is beyond my means of control, it has brought nothing but death and dismay on all who have viewed it and is for sale, for $3000 .

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